Why trip protection insurance is a wise investment.

Avoid Catastrophe: Why Trip Protection Insurance is a Wise Investment

  • Angela Borden
Jul 30, 2015

There are a lot of unknowns even after you choose your vacation destination and plan your travel itinerary. It’s always best to perform your due diligence, following up on requirements for trip deposits and reservations so that your plans are finalized when it’s time for you to depart. Still, no matter how much you plan, we all know things don’t always go as expected. That’s when trip protection insurance can help you avoid a catastrophe and deal with the unexpected.  

Four Key Types of Protection

1. Your Trip Investment

This includes any money you prepaid for your trip such as deposits for accommodations, tours or excursions, and travel arrangements such as airfare. If something happens to prevent you from taking your trip, can you afford to lose the money you already spent?If you can’t, you need trip protection insurance. It covers you for a list of potential triggers that could cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip.

The plan helps you recoup any nonrefundable prepaid expenses if you cancel because of these events. Each plan has a different list of triggers but typically includes things such as sickness, death, weather, or travel provider issues such as strike or financial default.

2. Medical Expenses

What happens if you become sick or get hurt while traveling? Most trip protection plans include coverage for emergency medical expenses, and depending on your health plan coverage, you may need it. If you are traveling abroad, your health insurance here at home doesn't always follow you. Check with your health insurance carrier to find out what type of coverage, if any, is provided outside of the U.S.

If you’re traveling within the United States, there are also some plans that will not follow you once you leave your state. Others may cover you but with special stipulations or limited benefit amounts. Again, check with your insurance company to find out for sure. If you are sick or hurt away from home, you want to be certain you can receive the medical care you need, and you don't want to get stuck paying a large medical bill.

3. Your Belongings

When you’re traveling, your personal items can get lost, damaged, or stolen. Trip protection plans offer specialized benefits for these situations. A baggage delay amount is also often included. You may end up having to purchase necessary items if your bags arrive at your destination four days later than you.

4. Travel Assistance

You're in a foreign country and you start running a fever and need to find a doctor. You don't speak the language and you're staying in a small village. How do you find a doctor? Help is just a phone call away when you have trip protection insurance. Most plans include 24/7 travel assistance services to help you with a wide variety of travel situations and emergencies that can occur.

Protect Your Trip before it's Too Late

While traveling can be fun and exciting, it's important to plan ahead and protect yourself from a potential catastrophe. It's easy to buy a trip protection plan which is specially designed to cover travelers. Click below to view a sampling of trip protection plans from Seven Corners.

Peace of mind is one click away.

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