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May 04, 2016

Two university students leave a party – a girl and her boyfriend. In an instant their lives changed. Two cars pull up, armed men get out, wrestle each student into separate cars, and speed away. Can you imagine this is your son or daughter? The Economist reported Martha González, the mother of the daughter in this harrowing express kidnapping, lived through this nightmare. The thugs who abducted Mrs. González’s daughter never left Carcacus. They drove around the city until a ransom was negotiated, then the two abductees were released.

This type of kidnapping is on the rise all around the world. The same Economist article reports that, lightning kidnappings, where victims are nabbed and forced at gunpoint to withdraw cash from multiple ATMs are the most frequent types of kidnapping in Brazilian cities. And the Venezuelan Violence Observatory reports that, “express kidnappings are the most common” in that country.   

Around the world areas where kidnappings are more likely include Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Libya, and the Philippines, according to NYA International’s report on global kidnapping trends.  

Seeing this trend Seven Corners has created the first and only guaranteed issue product of its kind sold online. Captum Kidnap and Ransom. There is no lengthy application process typical of other products. Captum provides financial and crisis support for insured events or security situations – such as kidnap, extortion, detention, threat, hijack or disappearance – that could arise when traveling abroad. Personal security benefits include:

  • Up to $1 million in ransom coverage per event. 
  • $250,000 in accident coverage.
  • 24/7 multilingual crisis response team equipped to handle all communication and negotiation. 
  • Emergency repatriation and relocation, insured up to $25,000 per event.

Kidnapping is an event no one ever wants to experience. Should it happen to you, we found some helpful tips from the Department of State, which will help you maintain a survival mentality.

  • Remain Calm. While the first few minutes of abduction can present the best opportunity to thwart the attempt, they are also the most dangerous. Often there will be multiple, armed attackers, making escape unrealistic and not worth the risk.
  • Be Observant. Try to remember as much as possible. I can help you escape if the opportunity arising, to predict your abductor’s next move, and to give information to the police to help apprehend the kidnapper(s). Use all of your senses.
  • Establish Rapport. The stronger a bond you can build with your captors, the more hesitant they will be to harm you. But avoid topics that could aggravate your situation, like politics.
  • Be a Good Listener. Be empathetic to the extent possible. The more comfortable your abductor(s) feel around you, the more benevolent they will be toward you. It can also help you gather information.

Our Captum Kidnap and Ransom product provides funds and crisis services for security situations that arise when you travel outside your home country. These are called insured events and include kidnap, extortion, detention, threat, hijack, disappearance, or a series of connected events. Check out Captum today.  

Our Other Security Product:  When You Travel, Have a Crisis Response Team at Your Disposal

The world can be a dangerous place – some places more than others. When you travel to these place it’s wise to protect yourself and your family. What would you do in the event of an act of terrorism, which could include a bomb explosion? This happened in Paris and Brussels not long ago.

Having a personal security detail at your fingertips, that’s Seven Corners Crisis Management. We have partnered with Security Exchange, a round-the-clock personal crisis response team, to develop this product. When you travel abroad, should you find yourself in a dangerous situation, this product provides the crisis response services you need to get you and your family back to safety.

Some key benefits include:  

  • Reimbursement of emergency evacuation costs.  
  • Interpreter fees and expenses.  
  • Deployment of security detail.  
  • Crisis team services

Seven Corners Crisis Management will provide services for kidnappings, natural disasters, terror attacks, civil unrest, and more. It also provides personal security coverage for people while traveling outside their home country. People using this product can secure benefits from one week up to one year. Coverage includes up to $250,000 for crisis response teams fulfilled by Security Exchange, and $50,000 of coverage for extra expenses, which could include incurred expenses from a crisis event. Learn more and get a quote today.

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