How Much of a Travel Junkie are you? Take the quiz!

How Much of a Travel Junkie Are You? Take the Quiz!

  • Luke Armstrong
Jan 18, 2018

If you are taking this quiz to prove to  accusing friends and family that you are not a travel junkie, I have some bad news. Taking a quiz about whether you are a “travel” junkie on a “travel” blog curated by a “travel” insurance company does not bode well for you not being a travel junkie. The good news is, if you turn out to be a travel junkie, odds are you’re quite happy. Because science has spoken on the matter and the facts don't lie: traveling makes us happy.

So how much of a travel junkie are you? How do you stack against other self-proclaimed travel junkies? Take our travel junkie quiz and find out! This quiz consists of 10 questions. Track your points and see how you rank at the end.

1. How Many Travel Guide Books are you Rolling With?

You can’t judge a book by its cover, and then you can judge a person by the books in his or her bookshelf. Whenever you come across someone who has a whole row of bookshelf dedicated to travel guide books, odds are you have a travel junky on your hands. —Give yourself 1 point for every travel guide book you own (including ebooks!)

2. Do you have a map of the world hanging up somewhere in your house?

It’s a telltale sign— having a map of the world or a globe in your house. You’re not Marco Polo, so what are you doing with a map of the whole world just hanging on your wall? I’ll tell you exactly what you’re doing with it! You’re wandering up to it during moments of pause, staring at all your undiscovered places in the world, beginning to plan your next trip out into the wilds of the world. A map or globe is a sure sign you have the wanderlust. If you have one displayed prominently where you live, give yourself 5 points you travel junkie!

3. Do you search for flight prices just for fun, just to see what’s out there?

Do you spend time looking at sites like Expedia or Skyscanner just to take a peek at how much it is to get from where you are to somewhere else? Do you do this when not even planning a trip, but just for fun? Sounds like classic travel junkie behavior. If you research flight prices just for fun, give yourself 3 points!

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, is it more than one place?

Ask your normal person about where their dream vacation is, they’re likely to give you an answer or two. But ask a travel junkie where he or she would like to travel if they could travel anywhere, and they’ll probably give you a list of more than five places they want to hit up next. The only question a travel junkie asks is where to go next. —if you’re travel bucket list is more than 5 destinations—give yourself 5 points!

5. Does watching films makes you want to travel?

If so, give yourself one point!

6. Does reading books makes you want to travel?

If they do, give yourself one point.

7. Do certain songs make you want want to travel?

If so, yep, we’re noticing a trend—give yourself one more point!

8. When planning a trip with others, do you do more of the planning or either going alone?

If you do more of the planning give yourself 3 points.

9. Do you sometimes save small plastic bottles when you come across them thinking you’ll be able to put shampoo and conditioner in them on your next trip?

This is classic travel junkie behavior, so give yourself 3 points.

10. Has taking this quiz make you want to plan your next trip?

If so then you better add 3 more points onto your score! Winning!

> 25 Points: Travel Junkie, Extreme Case

You must either travel for work or have a serious problem living off the road amid everyday circumstances. You travel so much you don’t know the difference really between living somewhere and going somewhere. Doesn’t sound like such a bad life!

20 - 25 Points: Travel Junkie Within Reason

Whoa Mate, the wanderlust weavil been biting you for a long time! Bet you know where to get a good pisco and what to do about visas in Vietnam! Good Onya and bon voyage you legend!

15 - 20 Points: Trip Taker

You are getting out there when you can, but have a job and responsibilities which cause you to only bust out the dream globe you hide in the closet after everyone’s gone to sleep.

10 - 15 Points: Vacationer

Nothing wrong with taking a vacation. And you still get one. Just not as much as you like.

>10 Points: Next Year Dreamer

Has a bunch of buckets full of lists cluttering up the attic. Something has to change. There is a voyaging song being silenced inside. This year, you bide your time. Next year—you quit your job, abandon your pets and plants and take to the road!

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luke armstrong

Luke Maguire Armstrong is the author of "The Nomad's Nomad." He has spent the last decade traveling, writing and designing, and funding philanthropic programs around the world.

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