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Seven Corners Customer Experience: Daniel & Felipe’s Story

  • Katherine Goens
Feb 22, 2018

Daniel and Felipe were finishing up a day at the beach when Felipe started to feel ill. At first, he thought it was food poisoning but when his pain escalated to unbearable anguish – he knew something was very wrong.  

Here is their story…

Daniel and Felipe were halfway through a 4-month trip to Southeast Asia and Central America when Felipe became sick. They had just wrapped up a month in Myanmar, exploring the country’s culture, food and beautiful scenery when Felipe began experiencing symptoms similar to food poisoning.

When Felipe’s symptoms didn’t subside and began to intensify, the couple became extremely concerned. With Felipe in paralyzing pain, the couple decided to forego their flight to their next destination and visit the local clinic instead. The doctor recommended they do a CT scan to further investigate Felipe’s condition and the results indicated he had fluid in his abdominal cavity that would potentially require surgery. Upon hearing this news, Daniel immediately called Seven Corners’ 24-hour assist number to see what could be done. He reached Amanda, who reassured Daniel that since Felipe had a policy with Seven Corners, he would be taken care of.

“To have someone on the other end of the line who was really calm and comforting was such a relief”

Amanda and the assist team at Seven Corners began organizing a medical evacuation for Felipe to Thailand where he could receive the care he needed. A day later, Felipe and Daniel traveled to Thailand on a private air ambulance. Amanda took care of the logistics and made sure Daniel was able to accompany him.

Sick Traveler

Felipe spent eight days in the Bangkok hospital and thankfully did not need surgery. The cause of his illness was a rare bacterium, and the couple is still unsure how he acquired it. Most of Felipe’s memory is fuzzy since he was in such intense pain, and his road to recovery has been long but steady.

“We never handed over a single credit card or any information, it was all taken care of by Seven Corners, which is pretty incredible.”

Unbeknownst to Daniel and Felipe, their policy included a benefit that would allow them to return home to rest and recover. Thankful for this option, the duo decided to utilize the benefit, and Amanda organized their travel back home to Canada where Felipe is recovering nicely. The couple plans on resuming their trip soon, hopefully with no mishaps this time!

Ill Traveler

Felipe’s story is an important reminder of the significance of travel insurance. Nobody plans to get sick on vacation, but what if you do? To learn more about the plan Felipe had, visit here or contact our sales department at 1.800.335.0611.

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Katherine Goens

Katherine joined the Seven Corners marketing team early January. She graduated from Butler University in 2017 with a degree in Strategic Communications and a minor in Spanish. Apart from work, she loves to spend time with family and friends, travel, run, and the occasional Netflix binge.

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