What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance provides emergency medical benefits and travel assistance services for travel within your home country and internationally.

Seven Corners has two main types of travel insurance plans: trip protection plans and travel medical insurance plans.

Learn the key differences between trip protection and travel medical insurance below:



The insurance benefits give you three main types of coverages:  First, there is protection for your unused and nonrefundable trip costs if you need to cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip due to a covered reason. Trip insurance can also protect your medical expenses if you get hurt or sick on your trip. Finally, trip insurance can protect your belongings if they’re lost, stolen, or damaged while traveling.

Trip Insurance is provided by Seven Corners as part of a package of insurance benefits and 24/7 non-insurance travel assistance services in our RoundTrip family of plans.




A travel medical plan provides a wide variety of medical benefits and emergency services that are important if you become sick or hurt on a trip outside your home country.  A travel medical plan covers medical expenses for an injury or illness that occurs on your trip. You need this protection because your home health insurance may not follow you on travels abroad. Travel medical plans also cover emergency medical evacuations.

Seven Corners offers this coverage through our Liaison Travel Medical series. Our multilingual travel assistance team is available to help you 24/7.

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Travel Assistance Services are especially important when you travel abroad.

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