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Seven Corners is an International Assist Company that offers a worldwide medical network and assistance services outside of the United States. WPS has partnered with Seven Corners to manage your medical care when you leave the United States.

While many countries have suitable facilities to treat many medical and trauma occurrences, care coordination with an expert, like Seven Corners, assures the highest quality of care is delivered in the best setting for you. They are highly skilled with medical payment in foreign currency, wire transfers of money to providers, communication in the primary language of the treating providers, and delivery of patient and family assistance in times of need.

Seven Corners is also providing you with access to a website and information in advance of overseas travel regarding the medical environment, security, transportation logistics, political situations, and cultural differences for any area outside of the United States where you may be traveling.

Our suite of Travel Risk Assistance Solutions is delivered with personalized care and efficient pricing.

Travel medical assistance services

  • Medical evacuation/repatriation
  • Medical referral and case monitoring
  • Return of mortal remains

Travel intelligence services

  • Text messaging alerts
  • Provider network directory
  • Online forums

Trip management assistance services

  • Legal, embassy or consulate referrals
  • Currency conversion assistance
  • Information on local medical and travel advisories

24-hour assist services

  • Immediate implementation of all travel medical assistance and trip management assistance services
  • Multilingual services

Worldwide provider network access
Through our network of highly qualified global providers, we assist with standard medical appointments, as well as emergency medical evacuation. These services include physician, hospital, and travel arrangements. Our staff of specialists understand the importance of medical necessity and rendering appropriate care for all of our travelers. Our relationships with our providers and hospitals around the world ensure care coordination goes smoothly and without hassle. Seven Corners is a leader in accessing, coordinating and managing quality medical services around the globe.

When you need care in another country

If care needed is emergent in nature, go to the closest medical facility. The provider at the facility or a family member should call 1-866-314-9479 (from the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean Toll-free), Toll-free Country Access Code (+1) 866-314-9479 (International*), or 0-317-818-2086 (collect calls) as soon as possible. Seven Corners will then begin to manage the care coordination with the treating provider and make a determination if it is necessary to move you to another location.

One simple phone call to Seven Corners puts you in touch with highly trained staff, who will ensure your call is handled promptly and will coordinate your medical needs with WPS if needed.

Before you leave the united states

  • Print your ID Card and take it with you while you are traveling
  • Visit www.wellabroad.com for:
    • a provider directory by country
    • country profiles
    • access to travel alerts and travel blogs

Claims for health care services processed and paid by Seven Corners are subject to all of the terms, conditions, provisions and limitations of your WPS policy. The member/participant is responsible for his/her applicable annual deductible and/or copayment amounts and annual-out-of-pocket limit amounts and any other conditions, provisions and limitations that may cause a reduction in benefits.

About Seven Corners
Since 1993, Seven Corners had been providing assist services, insurance programs, and self-funded and government- funded healthcare management solutions worldwide. Our service goes beyond borders and beyond expectations. Our hands-on approach includes ongoing assistance to clients’ and members’ to ensure results. There is no endpoint to our responsiveness, caring and commitment. We do what we promise.

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