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Seven Corners Travel Insurance partnership programs are your gateway to a lucrative and mutually beneficial collaboration. Our extensive experience and reputation for reliability in the travel insurance industry make us the ideal partner for businesses and affiliates seeking to elevate their offerings and revenue streams.

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By joining forces with us, you gain access to:

  • a wide-ranging suite of travel insurance products,
  • innovative marketing tools, and
  • competitive commissions and fees that allow you to monetize your online presence.

Beyond the financial incentives of these partnerships, you’ll also be better equipped to deliver peace of mind, helping customers navigate their travels with confidence and be ready when trip happens.

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The agent program with Seven Corners Travel Insurance is designed to equip agents with tools and resources to efficiently assist travelers in finding the right insurance coverage for them. We streamline the insurance process, enabling your team to deliver exceptional service and peace of mind to your clients, ensuring they are adequately protected during their journeys around the globe.

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Marketing Affiliates

The marketing affiliate program from Seven Corners Travel Insurance offers a dynamic opportunity for affiliates to partner with a leading provider of travel insurance. Through this program, you gain access to a suite of marketing materials, including banners, links, and promotional content, to effectively promote Seven Corners' insurance offerings to your audience.

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Nonprofits volunteering abroad, religious organizations embarking on missions, and affinity groups such as college alumni associations have unique travel needs that demand reliable insurance coverage. Seven Corners Travel Insurance is the ideal partner to fulfill those needs. With Seven Corners, group travel insurance can be tailored to provide robust protection for any journey.

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Agents & Marketing Affiliates

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