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7 Travel Tips as You Plan Your 2021 Vacation

Jeremy Murchland | Feb 8, 2021

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After a difficult 2020 and a year of very limited travel across the globe, many of us are yearning to get away in 2021.  Perhaps it is a simple long weekend getaway to somewhere warm, a Spring Break trip with the kids, or a summer beach vacation.  Whatever the case, it is the time of year when prospective vacationers are doing a lot of planning. 

If you are like me, and planning a vacation for 2021, there are a few things on your mind:

  1. How do I keep myself and my loved ones as safe as possible during vacation?
  2. What is the best way to minimize risk and protect myself against any travel disruptions?
  3. How do I navigate all these COVID testing travel requirements and any other restrictions?
  4. If something does happen or someone in my vacation group gets sick with COVID, how do I best protect myself and what are my options? 

I might be the President of Seven Corners Travel Insurance, but I am also a father with a family of four, and I share many of the above concerns.  As I sat down earlier this week on National Plan a Vacation Day, there was a lot going through my mind.  I realized at the end of the day it is possible to travel and do so safely and responsibly and still have a great time without being stressed out or worried too much if you follow some simple guidelines:

  1. First, research your destination to understand any specific COVID related restrictions or requirements.  Here is a simple link that lists the travel restrictions by state, but there are many other resources you can check prior to your booking or actual travel:  https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/us-state-travel-restrictions-covid-19/index.html
  2. If you are traveling out of the country, your destination may require a negative test before arrival, and the U.S. now requires you be tested before returning.  TestforTravel is a great site for locating testing sites all over the world.  You may also contact your healthcare provider for locations/options near you.  I would also recommend contacting your destination hotel/resort to ask them for help – many are now providing testing options for their guests that meet the U.S. return requirements. 
  3. As you book your travel whether it be airfare, hotels/resorts, or various types of tours or activities, do your research on both safety/cleanliness procedures and cancellation options or penalties.  Take the time to understand what type of flexibility you have in the case of emergency or if your trip is interrupted somehow due to COVID or any other reason. 
  4. When you travel, be sure to wear a mask when on any public transportation (planes, buses, trains, etc.), consider activities that avoid large crowds, and take along extra hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for extra peace of mind.  Major airlines, hotels, and even VRBO/Airbnb hosts have done a tremendous job with new and enhanced cleaning procedures.  An airplane is probably safer than the grocery store! 
  5. If you or anybody in your travel party is on any sort of medication, take extra doses with you in the event of any travel interruptions or delays.  A delayed flight or a positive COVID test could result in a longer stay, and it is important to be prepared. 
  6. VRBO and Airbnb rentals can be a great option versus staying at a resort or large hotel.  Obviously, there are fewer people, and you will have your own space that you can keep clean.  There are many different price options, and you can find locations that are urban or more remote and private based on your preference. 
  7. Purchase the right travel insurance plan for your trip.  There are many plans on the market available from various sources; however, it is important you understand what coverage is provided in the event of quarantine, travel delays, or sickness related to COVID.  Some plans have exclusions for COVID altogether, others have limited coverage, and some will have exactly what you need.  Speak to an insurance professional, ask questions, review policy documents/benefits, and simply make sure you understand what you are buying to ensure you are protected.  Some plans will come with excellent assistance services that will be yet another resource for testing needs or questions during your trip.  Seven Corners has a simple page (click here) that will answer some of your questions, but give us a call as well. 

It is possible to travel in 2021 and enjoy the experience of a vacation away from home that many of us did not get in 2020.  It is possible to do so safely and stress-free by doing a little extra research and following some of the tips I have outlined above.  I am very excited for our first family vacation in over a year, and I hope you too are looking forward to some fun and relaxing time away! 

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