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Susie bought a trip insurance plan from Seven Corners to travel to the U.K. While there, she became ill, and Seven Corners helped her return home.

The travel insurance plan paid for her unused nonrefundable trip expenses; medical expenses in the UK that were not covered by her domestic health insurance, and flights home for her and her husband. Susie saved thousands of dollars because of her Seven Corners trip insurance plan.


May 27, 2019

From choosing the right plan or needing to ask a question, Seven Corners customer service is excellent and valued. Accidents happen and insurance is a vital part of travel. I would highly recommend researching their policies to cover your particular interest of travel. If you need any additional INFO, just call them and seven corners will be happy to lend a helping hand.

April 8, 2019

She listened to my concerns, and she helped me choose the best policy for my needs and budget.

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May 8, 2019

Wow ... truly and literally a life saver. My 15 year old son was studying in France for a semester and I bought a policy from Seven Corners to cover medical issues. He got very sick and was in the ICU for 12 days. When I called Seven Corners (the number on they card they issued) they immediately jumped on it, coordinated with the hospital and took everything off of our shoulders at at time when we were hardly able to think, much less think about insurance. After the ICU, they quickly, efficiently and completely orchestrated our son's medical transportation back to a hospital in the US. Truly, I will never travel again internationally without coverage from Seven Corners ... nor should you!

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June 1, 2019

They seem very fair and will give you an estimated date of completion. The pricing is fair and you get a good policy for the price. I would use them again.

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April 2, 2019

Great Service! Not something you typically hear about insurance companies! I’ve purchased trip insurance from Seven Corners for many years. As an ex-pat, they have the easiest and most comprehensive policy available. Recently, I needed to make a claim and after I submitted the requested proof of payments....they issued my refund. 100%! Thank you to Seven Corners!

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April 2, 2019

While I didn’t have to use the policy while out of the country, it gave me peace of mind to know it was there. Many personal and group policies won’t cover your expenses while out of your home network. The policy can also pay to get you home should you have a medical emergency. This is also something your personal or group health policy will not cover. The cost was so reasonable and the peace of mind was priceless. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks!!!

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March 2019

Used Seven Corners for medical bills incurred in both China and The Netherlands; and had no issues with the subsequent reimbursement of expenditures! Would totally recommend for any traveler.

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January 2019

I have purchased travel and medical insurance from Seven Corners a few times in the past few years. Each time it is incredibly easy, very affordable, and exactly what I need! Thanks Seven Corners for providing me with a fast and inexpensive way to travel the world safely!

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February 2019

Signed up for insurance via their website. Read around about the best travel insurance companies and their named popped up. The quoting process was straightforward and their prices are in line with the other companies I researched. The payment was easy and policy documents sent to my inbox with minimal fuss. It's great to have piece of mind while booking a huge trip. Hopefully I will not need to use the claims process, but if I do I am confident they will pay out per their policy.

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December 2018

We have purchased travel insurance with Seven Corners for the past six years. This year, due to my husband's medical condition, we had to cancel our trip. After submitting the documentation needed, Seven Corners quickly paid the amount we had not been reimbursed without any questions. We are so glad to know that Seven Corners stands behind their product and keeps their customers as the focus of their business. We will be using Seven Corners in the future and it is great to know that this company has our back.

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I and my family want to thank you for the wonderful job of bringing my wife, Isabel, home from Augusta, GA, after breaking her hip on our trip to meet our new Great Grandson. You made a lot of arrangements so my daughter could travel with her. Again, our thanks for your personal service and great communications with us all!

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