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Seven Corners has been involved in various facets of government health care programs since 2003, and our participation in this market has increased since that time. We believe our success and growth are related to our focus on service, which includes quality products and processes. To learn more about our participation in government markets, please review the information below.

Seven Corners Correctional Health Care Solutions — During our ten plus years of experience working with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Seven Corners has continually received superior ratings on annual performance reviews. Our proprietary software and customized medical networks provide a level of responsiveness that meets the individual needs of each prison.

Peace Corps — Seven Corners has administered health care benefits for the Peace Corps since 2005. We offer tailored medical and pharmacy benefits, as well as a portal for members that provides easy access to their health care information. In addition, we manage the AfterCorps insurance plan for returning Peace Corps volunteers and their dependents.  

United States Department of State ASPE Benefits — For more than eight years, Seven Corners has managed the health care coverage for the Department of State’s accident and sickness program for exchanges. As part of this undertaking, we offer a secure member portal and a specialized pharmacy and medical network. To help participants locate coverage for their dependents, we designed a protection plan specifically for them, which provides coverage for J-1 and J-2 visa holders and their dependents.  

AmeriCorps — Since 2003, we have administered the health care benefits for NCCC and FEMA Corps. As part of this effort,we work on an ongoing basis to maintain an extensive medical provider network for all members. We accomplish this by focusing on quality care for special situations and needs, as well as locations where options may be limited. In addition, members can access their personal benefit information through our secure portal. 

We Work With:

  • International and domestic insurance companies
  • Global corporations
  • Foreign governments
  • Agencies of the United States Government and NGOs
  • Businesses of all types and sizes
  • Schools and Nonprofit organizations
  • Health Care Providers

Each year, we service hundreds of thousands of policyholders worldwide.


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