Travel in the United States: Health Plan Network Options

Look at your insurance ID card to find the corresponding provider network:

When calling your medical provider or presenting your ID card say:

“My healthcare coverage uses the United Healthcare Network, Multiplan PPO Network, or PHCS Out of Area Network and I found your name on the directory."

“I have Seven Corners Insurance” or “I use Seven Corners Network” or “I have Liaison Choice insurance.” Providers WILL NOT recognize this language, and your coverage may not be accepted.

You will receive network pricing for these products

  • Liaison Travel Medical
  • Liaison Student Series
  • Wander Frequent Traveler

Note: You are not required to use the network but may receive discounts if you do. For all other products, you will not receive network discounts. However, feel free to use our network to locate doctors and medical facilities.

How to find a provider if you have an Inbound Plan

For the plans listed below, you can visit any medical provider you wish because there is no network. 

  • Inbound Guest
  • Inbound Immigrant
  • Inbound Choice
  • Inbound USA

You may use our network provider search to find a physician or hospital in your area. However, because there is not a PPO network for these plans, network pricing will not apply.

You need to be prepared to pay for medical services and prescription medications when you receive them. Some providers may agree to bill Seven Corners directly, but they are not required to do so.

When you visit a medical provider, explain to them that you have insurance. Show them your card and ask them to call Seven Corners Assist if they wish to verify benefits and eligibility.

Travel Outside the United States: Health Plan Options

If you need help finding a medical provider, visit to use Seven Corners’ International Network. You will find a summary of the provider’s services and the payment options they offer. Not all providers will bill directly to Seven Corners, so review the Provider Type to make sure you understand how billing will be handled.

24/7 Travel Assistance
(Option 1)

Toll free
1-800-335-0611 1-800-335-0611

1-317-575-2652 1-317-575-2652

1-317-818-2809 1-317-818-2809

+1-888-655-1402* +1-888-655-1402*

+1-317-430-1140* +1-317-430-1140*

*By sending a text to this number, you are opting in to receive messages from Seven Corners. You can text STOP at any time to stop receiving messages.

Need help finding a medical facility?

1-800-690-6295 (toll free inside the U.S.) | 317-818-2809 (collect outside the U.S.)