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VIDEO: Daniel & Felipe's Story

Travel Team | Feb 17, 2023

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Sick Traveler Abroad


Felipe and Daniel were traveling abroad using an insurance plan from Seven Corners.

This is their story.

I’m Felipe and this is my partner, Daniel, and we were traveling around South East Asia for a few months. We went to Thailand, to Myanmar, and we had our New Years on Ngwesaung, which is in the beach area of Myanmar. We were coming back to Yangon and I started to feel a little sick with a little food poisoning and stomach pain.

After twenty-four hours we went to a clinic in Yangon and they immediately noticed that while he was in severe pain, that it was probably more than just food poisoning. So, they wanted to do a CT (computerized tomography) scan and immediately they decided to transfer us to another hospital with surgeons on standby. They thought maybe he needed surgery, so it got pretty scary pretty fast. Felipe was passed out and very ill in the hospital.

When we found out that they didn’t have a surgeon on hand, they didn’t even have a radiologist there who could read the CT scan results, and they were transferring us to another hospital, I knew the level of care was not going to be sufficient enough to make sure he would be okay.

So, I got on the phone to Seven Corners right away and was immediately put in touch with the emergency travel assist team. It was just very reassuring to speak to someone on the other end of the phone, knowing that we would get the help that we needed in a scary medical situation.

Immediately I was put in touch with the emergency assist team, with someone named Amanda, who was there to organize Felipe’s medical evacuation from Myanmar to Thailand. Within eighteen hours we were on a private air ambulance being flown to Bangkok.

Eventually he was cleared that he didn’t need surgery which was extremely reassuring. He was hospitalized and we were there in the hospital for another eight days, which is a pretty long time.

Well, the final diagnosis was Acute Gastroenteritis. It was because of a bacteria, something like food poisoning.

We are super lucky and super grateful of the support we got from Seven Corners. We never handed over a single credit card or made any payments. It was all arranged for us by Seven Corners, and the medical bills for something like an emergency international evacuation are extremely high. So, to know that we had that level of support was pretty amazing and reassuring.

Being back home in Canada with a little bit of recovery time, he’s doing super well now, so we’re getting ready for the next part of our trip! Felipe recovered from his illness and plans to continue traveling soon.

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