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VIDEO: Makenzie's Travel Story

Mar 23, 2021

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Makenzie's Travel Story

What happens if you are traveling alone and become sick? Learn how travel insurance helped Makenzie while she was abroad...

At 21, Makenzie traveled to Europe and became very ill. This is her story.

Makenzie: Well I just graduated from college, so I was taking a trip to Europe. Toward the last leg of my trip I started traveling solo, and about 3 days before I was supposed to return home to Los Angeles, I felt sick.

Leanne (mom): I had been talking with Makenzie every few days saying, “Where are you today?” as a mom would do. She had called me saying she was leaving Brussels and going to London because she wanted to travel on her own, but she didn’t feel that well.

Makenzie: My symptoms started getting worse, so I stopped at the border and called an ambulance to go to a hospital. They only spoke French in that hospital, so we were communicating solely through Google Translate.

Leanne (mom): I received a phone call on my cell phone from France. The lady only spoke French, and I said, “English, please?”

Seven Corners said, “You know what, we will handle this; we will find her; we will take care of this.” For 24, 36 hours we were trying to get hold of Makenzie, and Seven Corners finally calls me back and says, “Hey we found her, we’ve spoken with the doctors.”

Wes is like, “Send me your passport. Let’s get everything ready because you do have a benefit on there that is a reunion benefit and we will be able to fly you out if you are able to.”

And they had me on the flight I believe that afternoon or evening. Then a driver met me at the airport and drove me two and a half hours to Calais. He actually walked me up to her hospital room where there was this great reunion — one of those things.

Seven Corners, we let them know that I was there and they’re like, “Okay, we can get you a hotel down the street if you’d like.”

I was like, “Nope, I’m staying in the hospital.”

Makenzie: They discharged me from the hospital on Friday, September 25. The next day, they were like, “Do you want to fly out on Saturday, or do you want to fly out on Sunday and maybe get a day to rest?” Since I wasn’t sure how my symptoms were going to go afterward, I wanted to get a day to rest.

Leanne (mom): When we got the airplane tickets, it was absolutely amazing because they got lay-down seats for us. I was so relieved because she couldn’t even sit up for four hours at a time.

Makenzie: For me to be able to lay down that whole flight and get some rest, I was so grateful. After that experience, it really occurred to me that something can go wrong at any moment, and you need to be prepared for it. I never go on a trip without insurance anymore. I’m about to take a trip to Japan and insurance was the first thing I bought.

Leanne (mom): Everything was signed before she was released out of the hospital, so talk about an insurance company that actually goes above and beyond. That’s definitely Seven Corners.

And they say, “That’s our job. That’s what we do.”

Oh my goodness. We’re very thankful and very grateful.

Makenzie recovered from her illness and is pursuing her love of travel.

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