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Multiple Tips for Multigenerational Travel

Sven | Apr 22, 2022

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From Boomers to Gen Z, who in a family doesn’t love to travel? (Well, there might be that one grumpy uncle, but he can stay behind to water the plants.) Travel offers the benefit of experiencing new cultures and creating lasting memories, many of which are only made greater when you can experience them with people you love.

Traveling with family, also known as multigenerational travel, is not only a great way to connect, it’s a growing trend.

As more families travel together, the industry is meeting that demand with several destination options that are sure to please everyone — even that grumpy uncle if he decides to join. 

Below, read our best advice on where to go, what do to and how to make the most of every minute while keeping everyone’s sanity intact.


Twin girls on a summer road trip with family.

Know Before You Go.

As with so many things in our busy lives, planning and lists are your best friend when traveling — especially when traveling with a large group with diverse needs. Some considerations:

Do Your Research

If you have family members who have health issues that make mobility an issue, maybe that mountain climbing trip isn’t the best option. Or, maybe it is. A location you choose that is centered around one major activity such as mountain climbing might also offer gentle nature walks, bird watching, or scenic oil painting classes. Ensure that wherever you go, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, safely.

Discuss Family Needs

In addition to being considerate of physical limitations, talk with your family about how everyone wants to experience their vacation. You’re traveling as a unit, but each individual has their own preferences. If it’s important for grandma that everyone eats dinner together each night, let her know you can accommodate that, but you’ll need the afternoon free to do your own thing. Setting expectations early can help forestall any tensions that could arise later.

Create a Budget

On top of the booking and lodging fees, don’t forget to plan for a litany of other costs like food (if it’s not included), activity fees or having to buy that souvenir that your small child just has to have or else! Also, consider having this discussion as a group so you can select a destination that has affordable options to suit everyone’s budget.

Create Family Packing Lists

Overpacking is an issue for even the most seasoned of travelers. Does everyone need to bring a flat iron? Compare notes with your travel companions to see where you can save room by not doubling up, and to make sure you have everything you’ll need.

Expect the Unexpected

We all hope for unexpected moments on our travels that create everlasting moments — so long as that doesn’t include lost luggage, hurricanes or canceled flights. Before booking, pull out your magnifying glass and inspect the cancellation fees associated with both your mode of travel and your destination. You might be surprised what isn’t covered. That’s why it’s a great idea to cover those expenses with travel insurance. From unforseen medical expenses to unfortunate cancellations, travel insurance can be a great way to help you handle any travel difficulties that arise.  


Sea turtle in the ocean.

From Sea to Shining Sea.

Whether your family decides to stay closer to home or set sail on a lavish boat trip, there are a seemingly endless amount of choices for multigenerational travel destinations.

Choose a Cruise

From entertainment, activities, food and leisure — a family cruise ship has it all. Cruises are a great way to stay in one central location, while allowing everyone to go at their own pace in smaller groups or on their own. Most cruises also dock at various port cities, providing mini vacations along the way without the added cost of hotels or airfare. Speaking of costs, cruises also have tiered accommodation packages that allow a lot of flexibility for multigenerational families with varying budgets.

Adventure Resorts 

In the mood for an African safari? A ski trip in Canada? How about a dude ranch in Wyoming? Whether you prefer to travel domestic or abroad, if your family has an itch for something fun and exciting, there are several resort spots to scratch it. And the adventure isn’t limited to our National Park System or other natural wonders — if “The Great Outdoors” isn’t your family motto, try visiting theme parks like Cedar Point or Walt Disney World for more all-ages fun.

History and Heritage

The rise of genealogy sites and DNA testing to find family roots and origins, and traveling to ancestral homelands can be a wonderful way for multigenerational families to experience their history together. Also, many of these locales will be full of their own rich histories to take in. And as a bonus, if you have distant relatives across the pond you’ve never met, this is a great opportunity to extend your family even further.

Give Back

For some families, giving back to communities is important. Why not take that altruistic attitude and plan a voluntourism trip? This can be especially enriching when you travel with kids, as it instills a desire to help others at an early age. In addition to general research you’d do for any trip, go the extra mile here to look into any group you’ll be booking through to make sure the organization is actually doing good work for the communities they serve, and not just trying to make a fast buck off of your family’s goodwill.

Get Travel Insurance

However you and your family choose to travel, Seven Corners has many options keep you covered — including our Group Travel Insurance Plans. To get a fast, free quote, visit our online portal. Or, to speak with a Seven Corners representative about which coverage you and your traveling companions will need, contact us at sales@sevencorners.com or by calling 317-575-2652.


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