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Say Hello to Sven

Sven | Jul 20, 2020


We have someone very important we’d like you to meet — Sven. He’s going to help you with the ins and outs of travel insurance and maybe even make it fun!  We’ll let him tell you a little bit more. Go ahead, Sven. 

Hi everyone, I’m Sven. Nice to meet you! 

As you can see from my feathers and beak, I’m a puffin. We puffins spend most of our time at sea, but I’m more partial to land — reading “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” made me leery of floating on the open ocean. I know giant squids are elusive creatures of the deep, but I still startle every time something touches my leg, and I do stand out a bit with my brightly colored beak. 


sven-pointingI’m originally from Norway, though I don’t spend a lot of time there. It’s quite cold, and a little boring. To clarify, Norway is great, but the Norway puffin scene is lacking. The local puffins only want to talk about their favorite kind of fish … and that’s it. It’s herring! Who doesn’t know that?  Oh well. 

I’m an explorer at heart.  So, as soon as I graduated from Puffin High School, I decided to complete college in the states. I wanted to see the world. Getting out the country for college was a good start. 

Every day I do three things: 

1) Enjoy a dark roast coffee. 
2) Eat a slice of cake (with said coffee). 

3) Meditate. 

Meditation is something I’m quite fond of. When I meditate, I let go of my negativity and hone my empathy, mindfulness, and listening skills. 

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how I met the Seven Corners team. Let me take you back — insert flashback sound.

When I graduated from college, I was desperately searching for a job. During my job search, I saw that Seven Corners was looking for someone to help smooth out the feathers of their travel insurance purchasing process and teach people about the importance of travel insurance. As a long-time travel insurance purchaser, I knew I’d be the perfect fit! 

During my many global travels, I’ve run into all kinds of wild situations. A cat tried to eat me in Borneo, I had a nasty case of the bird flu in Germany, and I broke a wing when I dove the wrong way into the Mediterranean Sea. These are only a few of the many, many stories I have. When I’m in a tight spot, travel insurance helped save the day for me.  

I’m also a part of the Seven Corners Adventure Team, which you should definitely join! In case you’re out of the loop, the Adventure Team is a group of travelers who aspire to experience the world in a unique way. To help each other with our travels, we have a Facebook group where we share travel tips and tricks. Another bonus of being part of the group is access to an expedited customer service phone line when you need to contact Seven Corners. 

So, that’s me in an eggshell. I’m very excited to get to know all of you. Look for me on the Seven Corners website very soon. 
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About the Author

Sven is a friendly puffin who's interested in two big things: coffee and travel. He loves sharing his adventures with readers.

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