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Tips for Traveling with Kids on a Wild, Tech-Free Vacation

Travel Team | Jun 1, 2022

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Summer in Vermont.

Traveling with kids is never straightforward. There will invariably be something unexpected thrown into the mix as children are the ultimate wild card. While traveling with children demands a certain amount of flexibility and a laid-back attitude to plans, being prepared is vital to ensuring things run as smoothly as possible, nothing is forgotten, and everyone stays happy. Take a look at our top family travel tips for a wild, off-grid vacation.

5 Tips for Going Off-Grid with Kids

Off-grid means no access to the internet. For a tech-obsessed child or teenager — even an adult — this can seem daunting. But an off-grid vacation can be just what the family needs to relax, reconnect, and appreciate what we have under our noses. Off-grid vacations are becoming more and more popular with web searches for “digital detox” showing an increase since the onset of the pandemic.

1. Venture into the wild

Family camping on the coast of Oregon.

Off-grid vacations are generally in remote, rural locations. This may seem alien at first, but it can allow a certain level of freedom that some children may not have experienced. Running free, safer to roam farther and be closer to nature. While this seems idyllic and carefree, it’s important to make sure everyone is aware of any potential dangers they aren’t used to, such as open water, poisonous plants, or extreme weather. This is where planning comes in, so parents know what to be aware of and what to do if the unexpected occurs.

2. Let them get dirty

Embracing nature can get messy. Don’t stress about dirty clothes and hands; this is part of the experience. If your child is rolling down a hill, splashing through mud, and making a den, they are embracing the off-grid, wild experience, and this is a victory. Join in with them and reconnect on their level, even if it means more laundry when you get home. The experience and memories you create will be well worth it.

3. No fighting over fights

Family walking trip in Colorado.

Kids will get bored at times, and they will probably fight. Being in this kisnd of environment is the perfect time to help them manage these situations themselves, rather than relying on an adult intervening. With no phones to settle factual disagreements, and no one to insist an end to their squabbling because school or another deadline is lingering, children will spend time developing important life skills by debating and learning about each other’s points of view.

4. Pack games and books

With no phones or TV to fall back on, for those times in the evening when we would usually kick back with Netflix, making sure you’ve packed plenty of games and books is essential. Kids may groan at this at first, but they will be engrossed in a family game before the night is done, and it’s a great way to spend time together and really bond.

5. Get protected

Being in the wild is liberating and exciting, and the kids will love it. However, doing something adventurous, especially off-grid, can be a worry in terms of safety. Travel insurance, which can protect the money you spent for your trip and your health, can ease your concerns. Seven Corners offers flexible plans to fit your unique family vacation. Get a quote today.

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