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Rental Coverage for Airbnbs on Your Friends’ Getaway

Travel Team | May 25, 2022

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View from Californian Airbnb rental.

Getting together with the squad to celebrate a milestone or unwind in comfort with your best friends is what life is all about. Instead of staying in a hotel, you may choose a vacation home where you have room to spread out, private gathering spots for late-night chats, and the option to cook your own meals.

In a vacation home, you don't have to share the lobby with other guests or have them listen in on your private conversations as you share a bottle of wine at the bar. There are no awkward elevator rides to share with strangers. You don't have to call housekeeping for extra towels. There are no noisy neighbors above you rearranging the furniture while you try to sleep.

Yes, vacation homes are a great option for travelers, but sometimes your stay in an Airbnb or similar home doesn't go as planned.

Why Do You Need Trip Insurance When Renting a Vacation Home? 

Beachside vacation rental home.

No matter how much you plan, it's hard to predict what can happen on the way from your home to your destination or what happens when you get there. You may not be able to stay on the premises because of damage to the accommodations or an issue with the booking. Inclement weather like wildfires or hurricanes can make it impossible for you to arrive in the area.

You may even find yourself in a situation that requires canceling or delaying your trip. Illness or other unexpected emergencies may make it impossible to keep your original plans. Putting off the trip you've been looking forward to is disappointing, but losing out on your deposit or being forced to pay for accommodations you can't use is even more frustrating.

What Does Trip Protection Cover? 

Trip protection can provide coverage for the money you’ve spent for your trip, including reservations for prepaid, non-refundable vacation homes, should you need to cancel or interrupt your trip for covered reasons.

When this happens, trip protection is an added convenience to help you navigate the challenge so you and your best buds can get on with your plans. Your squad is part of your support system and time with them is often just what the doctor ordered. Guard your plans like you guard your friendships and learn more about trip protection for you and your squad before you take off on your vacation. Find out the best options for trip protection with Seven Corners.

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