Pharmacy Networks


U.S. Pharmacy Network Information

The ASPE Health Benefits Plan provides a prescription drug program with a Pharmacy Network to be used in combination with your health benefits. Through the nationwide Pharmacy Network community and chain pharmacies, and the mail service pharmacy option, you have the broadest choice of pharmacies to choose from to satisfy your prescription drug needs.

Your identification card contains all the information that your pharmacist needs. Simply present your ID card to have your prescriptions filled at any one of the Pharmacy Network providers in your area. The pharmacy will then electronically transmit a claim for that medication and within minutes have approval for filling the prescription.

The Pharmacy Network includes more than 70,000 pharmacy locations nationwide.

If you have any prescription benefit questions, please contact the Pharmacy Network at 1-800-531-6351 or Seven Corners at 1-800-461-0430. Both are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, you may visit for additional helpful information such as locating a pharmacy & personal health information.

International Pharmacy Network Information

If you are planning to leave the U.S. and you know you will need a prescription drug refill of any kind while you are overseas, you should follow these steps:

  1. Gather information about the availability of the medication in the host country to which you are traveling. Due to regulations regarding controlled substances and/or prescription medications, drugs available in the U.S. are not necessarily available overseas and vice versa. Before leaving the United States, you will need to check with the Embassy of your destination country, to determine if there are any restrictions on prescriptions from the United States.
    • If the medication you are taking is not available in your host country, there are many restrictions on shipping prescription drugs that can affect your ability to get your medication.
    • If the medication you take is available in your host country, the Ministry of Health or customs may not allow your medication to be shipped from the U.S. (i.e., birth control medication, including the NuvaRing). Whether or not a medication can be sent to you outside the U.S. can vary by types of medication (i.e., special packaging), by mail carrier type, and sometimes it is just simply not allowed.
  2. Call your Physician and see how much of a day supply of your medication they can prescribe you so you can have it filled before you leave, and discuss the information you found out about your specific prescription and its dispensing regulations in the country you are visiting. Find out what your Physician suggests and if there are any alternatives if you are NOT able to get the drug you are currently being prescribed once you leave the U.S.
    It is your responsibility to determine and ensure that you will be able to purchase maintenance medication in and/or receive mail order prescriptions in your host country. To ensure you do not encounter issues, get all the facts! We are unable to ship to U.S. addresses if your host country is not in the U.S. If you are unable to receive or purchase medications in your host country, please contact your program or the Embassy for assistance.
  3. Even if the medication is a covered prescription under ASPE, it may not be allowed into the country you are traveling. Don’t assume that you can get a prescription just because ASPE would pay for the medication.
  4. The following countries will not accept prescriptions shipped from the U.S.: Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Russia, Switzerland, Syria and Ukraine.
  5. Take all of your findings into consideration relating to your health before you make your travel arrangements. Important medications may not be available, and you need to make every personal effort to determine what your options are if you cannot obtain a drug your doctor has prescribed for you that you need to continue to take while out of the U.S.

If you find out your prescription is allowed and you work everything out with your provider, the following process describes the method of obtaining the prescription through Seven Corners:

  1. Please review the list of medication excluded from the ASPE pharmacy benefits. If the drug you are taking is not a covered ASPE approved medication, the payment will be YOUR responsibility.
  2. If it is a covered ASPE medication and it is a maintenance medication that is allowed to be shipped to your host country, the minimum for ordering through mail service is a 90-day supply (see our Outside the US Mail Order Prescription Form). It is your responsibility to purchase at least a 60 day supply of required medication to take with you to your host county – this is not reimbursable by ASPE. Prescriptions must be written by a licensed U.S. physician.