My Plan

MyPlan is a website designed to allow secure access to your health benefit plan and claim information. This brief tutorial will teach you how to gain access to the MyPlan website.


You must have an internet connection to access MyPlan. Please click on or type the above website into the address bar in your web browser. This will direct you to the MyPlan website. Upon entering, you will be greeted with the general login screen.

If this is your first time visiting MyPlan, you will need to click the ‘Setup New Account’ link. If you have visited the site before, simply enter your username and password to proceed to your MyPlan account.

Setting up a New Account *
After you have clicked the ‘Setup New Account’ link you will be directed to the screen seen below. To setup your account, simply enter your MyPlan ID (Participate ID) and PIN Number (Note: If you have not been issued a PIN number then use your date of birth).

Once your MyPlan ID and PIN Number have been confirmed, you will be instructed to pick a username and password that you can enter on the general login screen above. The username and password will now be your key to enter the MyPlan site every time you visit. You will no longer use your MyPlan ID and PIN Number for access.

* MyPlan ID and PIN Number are required to setup your account. If you do not have a PIN Number please use your date of birth.