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Seven Corners Customer Experience: Paulo's Story

Katherine Goens | Jun 8, 2022

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When most people scoff at travel insurance, it’s because they think it’s only for freak accidents; shark attacks, cars falling from the sky, alien abductions… you get the picture. But Seven Corners’ customer, Paulo, is proof that something as minuscule as rain can have huge repercussions.


Here is Paulo’s story…

You wouldn’t think a seasoned adventurer would be phased by the rain, but when the slippery roads of Tajikistan threw Paulo off his motorbike, he immediately knew this wasn’t an injury he could brush off. As he felt the bones move beneath his hip and leg in agonizing pain, he realized his trip would be cut short.

Paulo was transported to the village hospital in Dushanbe where the nurses and doctors tried to make him as comfortable as possible before delivering the news that they would not be able to operate on him. His injury was too severe; a broken and dislocated bone was located near major veins and arteries. They didn’t have the technology or skills to confidently perform the surgery he needed. The severity of the situation was heightened by language barriers, time differences, and the medical team’s refusal to even touch him which, in turn, resulted in a lack of water, bathing, and overall care.

Seven Corners communicated with the hospital and arranged for Paulo to be airlifted to Dubai where he could receive proper care. As soon as he arrived at the plane, the team of doctors and nurses there noticed his severe dehydration and low blood pressure. Anxious to get him to Dubai, our team treated him with an IV and blood thinners to avoid blood clots. Within 5 hours of arriving in Dubai, the surgery was successfully completed, and Paulo began his long road to recovery.

Paulo stayed in the hospital to be monitored for another week, then Seven Corners arranged for him to stay in a local hotel since he was ordered by the doctor to remain horizontal for seven more days. After his successful post-op appointment and the removal of his stitches, Seven Corners arranged his flight to London so he could be with family and recover for yet another week. Once Paulo felt strong enough to withstand the long flight back to his home in the British Virgin Islands (it was difficult to sit upright for long periods), he left London.

It's been a slow recovery for Paulo – he has transitioned from a wheelchair to crutches and now a cane while back home.

If I had stayed in Dushanbe, I’d probably still be there, not walking.” - Paulo


Paulo is an experienced traveler who has gone on adventures in South America, Europe and Africa annually for the past decade. He booked his trip with an established tour guide and took the necessary precautionary measures to remain safe, yet he still found himself in this devastating situation.

Seven Corners travel insurance is there for the unexpected, yet entirely possible accidents that can occur while you’re away from home. Without insurance, Paulo would have been burdened with pricey medical expenses, the difficult task of arranging his own medical evacuation, and potentially a permanent disability.

To learn more about Seven Corners Travel Medical, click here.

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