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How to Use Your Travel Insurance Network & Find a Doctor

Travel Team | May 16, 2024

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What is a provider network? Does your insurance plan have one? And if so, how do you use it?

We’ll help you find out if your plan uses a network and how to find a doctor in that network so you get the medical care you need at the right price.

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Types of Provider Networks

There are two common types of provider networks: PPO, which stands for Preferred Provider Organization, and HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization.

Most of the plans we offer at Seven Corners are PPOs. This means we have a list of medical providers or doctors we have contracts with through the network. These providers are considered in-network.

There are advantages to visiting providers in your insurance’s network. You may get discounts on bills, which means you’ll have to pay less out of pocket for your medical treatment. Also, the provider can bill us directly for your visit, making it easier for you.

Seven Corners also offers plans that don’t have a network. With these plans, you can visit any doctor you want.

How to Find a Doctor in the U.S.

If you have a Seven Corners plan for inside the U.S. and it does have a network, you can find a doctor by searching our website or contacting Seven Corners Assist.

To find which network you have, look at the logo on your travel insurance ID card. It will be United Healthcare PPO. If your card does not show a logo for a PPO, you may not have a network.

Couple speaking with a doctorWhen you call the provider’s office to make an appointment or get to the doctor’s office, tell them the name of your network instead of “Seven Corners.” The provider may not recognize Seven Corners, but they will know a network like United Healthcare.

Mention that you found the provider in the network directory so they know to bill you and the insurance correctly. Depending on your travel insurance plan, you may have to pay a copay and deductible at the time of treatment.

For in-network visits, the provider typically files the travel medical insurance claim on your behalf.

Alternatively, if you have a plan without a network, you can choose any doctor. You may be asked to pay for your visit at the time of treatment. You will then file a claim with us, and once it’s approved, we will reimburse you for the cost of your care.

How to Find a Doctor Abroad

If you have Seven Corners travel medical insurance and you're traveling outside of the U.S., we provide a directory of providers who have worked with us in the past. Contact Seven Corners Assist for help locating a doctor near you.

Travel Medical Insurance for International Trips

Getting sick or hurt while traveling internationally can be scary. But with travel insurance and the Seven Corners multilingual support team, you’ll be prepared.

Visit SevenCorners.com or contact a licensed agent to choose the right plan to cover medical expenses and more.

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