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Group Adventures: Avoiding the Pits and Enjoying the Peaks

Travel Team | Jul 15, 2022

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From travel with teams to travel with your besties, when the number in your group climbs, so does the excitement and quotient for fun. But with many people traveling from different locations and each with their own challenges, there can be some pitfalls. With some thought for this in planning, you can layer in some protection for those “just in case” scenarios.

Build a Timeline to Knock Out the Details

Start planning early and build a timeline for your group that has touch base meetings along the way. Use these meetings to map out all the pertinent details.

  • Choosing accommodations - Be sure to align on this early so you can book well in advance of your trip.
  • Creating an itinerary - Even if you don’t want a tight schedule, planning out the days helps to get everyone thinking. Use this to plan packing, reservations for group activities, and meals.
  • Problem-solving - As the time grows nearer, things can pop up from transportation challenges to schedule changes. Everyone should communicate as these things arise so you can figure out alternative plans together, and to just be aware.
  • Travel insurance for groups - This is often overlooked, but it’s something you need to consider in the planning stages. Your group should come together and agree on how you'll be purchasing your insurance. Be upfront. Travel insurance can cost less than most people think, and it could save you money if something unexpected happens. Find out in advance what the cost might be. Look at the different relevant options and present them to the group. Bear in mind that trip protection coverage differs between plans. You may need to purchase some add-ons for your group.


Choose a Point of Contact

When booking accommodations and activities, it makes sense to have one person as your POC. They can keep the group updated and keep the information streamlined.

Handle the Business Stuff

Once the plan is in place, keeping track of budgets, payments, and the fine print can often feel awkward. Avoid this through open communication.

  • Use a shared file to include copies of receipts, any waivers that need signed for activities or housing, and a copy of your group travel insurance plan document so that everyone has access in case they need it.
  • Make a spreadsheet with the budget of group expenses to share with everyone once agreement is reached.
  • Record everyone’s payments and post images of receipts in the shared file with all the group’s other important documents.
  • List out reservation confirmations for hotels/rentals, activities, and restaurant meals.
  • Assign responsibilities. This might include someone bringing outdoor speakers and someone else a grill, or it could be splitting up responsibilities for groceries to ensure everyone doesn’t bring the same items.

Look to Seven Corners to guide your group through choosing the best plan to fit your needs. With 24//7 support, you always have someone waiting to help.

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