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4 Reasons to Buy Group Travel Insurance … and Why It’s Easier than You Think

Becky Hart | Apr 6, 2023

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Group of friends viewing the mountains from the peak.

Maybe you’re a parent who’s finally convinced your partner to take the extended family — all 15 of them — to Mexico. You might be a priest leading a mission trip to Africa. Perhaps you’re a professor leading a group of art students on a whirlwind tour of New York City museums. Or it could be that you and some buddies are finally crossing those world-famous golf courses off your bucket list.  

Whatever the situation, before you and your squad go anywhere, you need to remember one of the most important parts of planning: get group travel insurance for everyone on your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Group Travel Insurance

Tour group France.

Does travel insurance cover multiple people?

If you are traveling with a group of more than 10 travelers, Seven Corners has plans and an easy purchase process designed to help you quickly and efficiently buy travel insurance for everyone in your group. This includes Seven Corners Trip Protection Group or Seven Corners Travel Medical Group Insurance.

What is a group of travelers?

A group of travelers, for our purposes here, is 10 or more people traveling together as a group. You could be related, such as in a large or extended family, or simply have shared interests, such as a school group, church group, or non-governmental organization.

Can you buy domestic group travel insurance? What about group travel insurance for international trips?

Yes, to both! Seven Corners offers group travel insurance for groups traveling both domestically within the United States and outside their home country.

Can you get group travel insurance with COVID coverage?

Yes. Seven Corners Travel Medical Group includes COVID-19 coverage. Our Trip Protection Group plan also covers COVID for various types of situations. Visit our Coronavirus FAQs to learn more about protection for illness before your trip and during it, as well as quarantine coverage.

Reasons to Buy the Best Group Travel Insurance

Tour group Italy.

While buying travel insurance might be one of the most important parts of planning, we know it isn’t the most fun. You’d probably rather make dinner reservations and find the perfect vacation rental than get everyone to fill out an insurance form. The good news is that Seven Corners group travel insurance can make the process simple. In case you’re not convinced, here are four reasons your next family/girls’/school/voluntourism group needs travel insurance.

1. Your domestic health insurance doesn’t go overseas.

Whether you’re a multigenerational family going abroad or an international voluntourism group, it’s important to realize that your domestic health insurance likely won’t cover you overseas. Those going on the trip should check with their individual providers for details of what’s covered.

Because your domestic health insurance typically does not provide coverage when you travel internationally, you would be responsible for the expenses incurred if you get sick or hurt as well as navigating the medical system in another country on your own. However, that’s how travel medical insurance can help you.

Seven Corners travel medical plans provide a variety of medical benefits, including COVID-19 coverage, and non-insurance emergency services if you become sick or injured outside your home country. This includes emergency medical evacuations and additional emergency services including political and natural disaster evacuations.

2. Your group is traveling to a high-risk location.

This isn’t the case with every group. After all, thousands of families make the trek to Disney every year without mishap. However, some groups could face increased risk because of the nature of their travel.

Mission groups, for example, often travel off the beaten path to less-developed countries or rural areas. When this happens, the odds of something going wrong — someone becoming ill or injured, baggage getting lost en route to a remote location — increase.

It also means that getting the help you need can be more difficult, especially when it comes to getting the appropriate medical treatment in an emergency. Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurance can provide an emergency medical evacuation if the facility where you are located is unable to provide the level of care needed for your medical condition.

Seven Corners Assist is available 24/7 to coordinate a medically necessary evacuation as well as other services such as translation services at the medical facility, helping to replace lost passports, and more, both medically related and otherwise.

3. More people means greater risk of mishap.

This next reason for why you need group travel insurance is basic rules of probability. When the number of people traveling increase, so can the odds of something going wrong. There are more ankles that can get turned on a vineyard tour, more lungs that can catch a cold or respiratory illness, more baggage to potentially get damaged by the airline, and more money that can be lost if the trip needs to be cancelled.

You can’t completely eliminate risk, but with travel insurance, you can reduce damage resulting from it.

The cost of insuring a group is minimal, especially when you weigh it against the cost of not insuring everyone. Given ethical and legal ramifications of protecting a group of which you are in charge, this can be particularly true when traveling with school groups, sports teams, or NGOs, but don’t rule it out for multigenerational family vacations, too.

Former Seven Corners blogger Luke Armstrong was one of nine kids in his family, so he understood firsthand what it was like to organize a trip for many people. As a child, his parents loaded them into a 12-passenger van and away they went. But today, with him and his siblings now balancing adult schedules and responsibilities?

“Since our coming of age, we have taken international trips to Mexico, Italy, Greece, and Belize,” he said. “With so many schedules liable to change, we (got) trip insurance in case we needed to alter our itinerary.”

Remember, more people means more moving parts in your travel plans. Protecting them with travel insurance is essential.

4. Enrollment is easier as a group.

If you’re leading a group as part of your job or are the “responsible one” in your squad of friends, you know how difficult it can be to get everyone to fill out the paperwork, provide payments for travel plans, and handle all the other logistics of your trip. Remember that if there’s a “responsible one,” that implies there’s at least one who’s less responsible.

When you buy group travel insurance, enrollment is easier than expecting everyone to purchase an individual policy. You simply select your destination and trip dates as you would if you were traveling solo and provide the age range of the travelers in your group. Everyone in the group can choose the same coverage, or you can customize it for an individual if they have unique needs. One person provides their credit card information to pay for the plan. We’ll then send the insurance ID cards to your group contact person, and you’re ready to pack your bags!

Lead Your Group with the Right Travel Insurance.

Visit Seven Corners Group Travel Insurance if you or your traveling companions are looking for more proof of why travel insurance is the smart decision. We’re also available to answer all your questions about coverage and make sure you get the right plan for everyone.

Email sales@sevencorners.com

Toll free 1-800-335-0611

Worldwide 1-317-575-2652

Collect 1-317-818-2809

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*For Trip Protection products, the terms "group travel insurance," "group coverage" and "group travel protection" refer to the fact that the product has been designed for 10 or more people who are traveling together as a group. The product offered is not group insurance within the meaning of state insurance laws and is not rated on a group basis within the meaning of state insurance laws. Rather, this is a retail travel protection program that provides protection to a principal insured as well as 9 or more traveling companions.

The following disclaimer applies to Seven Corners Trip Protection plans only.

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