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How to Save Money with Family Travel Packages

Travel Team | Jun 21, 2022

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Family leaving over-water bungalows in Maldives.

Family vacations are the ultimate memory makers — multiple generations all together in one place, sharing experiences — but can also be the ultimate budget breakers if you don’t plan carefully. With that kind of investment, you’ll want to make the most of your family getaway. One way to do that is to choose a family vacation package that includes something for everyone, at a price that fits your budget.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to a family vacation, from family travel insurance to protect against expensive cancellations, to group bookings that can save you major money, so here are some tips on how to help you find a cost-effective family vacation package that's right for you.

1. Research

Before you book anything, research like crazy. Check out a range of travel comparison websites, such as Expedia, Priceline, or Travelocity and compare prices for flights, hotels, Airbnbs, and don't-miss attractions. Match up costs with travel times to find the best time-for-money trade-off, and hunt down deals for local restaurants.

2. When to Travel

To get the best deal possible, consider when you are going to travel. Traveling off-season is often far less expensive than during peak season, so if you still have young children who haven’t started school yet, consider going outside of school holidays for the biggest bargains. If you have school-age children in your party, you can still find off-season deals during the school holidays. With a little extra research, travel insurance, and the right preparation, the shoulder season can be a great time to travel, and much easier on your wallet.

3. Book in Advance

Last-minute deals are few and far between these days, and if you do happen to find some, you may have to compromise on exactly what you want. Booking in advance gives you the most options, so you're more likely to find the type of deal that you’re looking for. You can take advantage of sales throughout the year. Many airlines offer seasonal sales, so make a note of when they occur. Check flight prices during the early fall or January after New Year's Day when travel is not on so many people's minds.

4. Homes Over Hotels

When you’re traveling in a large group, booking a rental home instead of individual hotel rooms can work to your advantage. It’s far more social to all be together. And after all, that’s why you’ve booked a family vacation, right?

Rentals are more spacious, provide more flexibility, and allow you to cook for yourselves rather than spending all your vacation money eating out. For the most part, they are also cheaper when there are a larger number of guests. Use sites like Airbnb to compare and find the best deals.

Travel insurance can help protect the money you spent for your trip, including prepaid, non-refundable expenses for accommodations such as vacation homes. Your trip protection could reimburse you for those expenses should you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason.

5. All-inclusive and Group Rates

When booking attractions, be sure to inquire about group rates. Also, always consider the savings of going all-inclusive with packages where you can bundle everything — food, drinks, excursions, accommodations — together.

6. Family Travel Insurance Options

To round off this family vacation package, consider purchasing insurance, which can provide benefits to nearly all age groups from children to elderly relatives, to cover unexpected events. The right travel insurance can help protect against financial loss should you need to cancel or interrupt your trip for covered reasons as well as provide medical care if you become ill or injured while traveling. Visit sevencorners.com or talk to one of our licensed travel insurance agents to find the right coverage for your family trip. Get a quote today.

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