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Roamaroo.com's Top 10 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

Travel Team | Mar 22, 2022

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To travel is to live, but it also throws your normal fitness schedule out the window. Between jet lag, unhealthy airport food, a chaotic schedule, and a lack of fitness centers, it’s easy to fall out of shape while traveling.

While vacation is a time to sit back, relax, and treat yourself to a proper relaxing trip, we cannot pretend that those extra thousand piña colada calories disappear just because we’re on holiday. Here at Seven Corners, we’re about living life to the fullest so you can let loose on vacation, while still being kind to your waistline.

While travel and fitness usually go together like oil and water, we put together a list of sure-fire ways to stay fit while traveling.

1. Join a walking tour:

While at home, it’s far too convenient to hop on a car or take public transportation to our desired destination. While abroad, it’s time to put on those walking shoes and sightsee the old-fashioned way. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and what better to explore a new city than on foot! There are dozens of free walking tours in almost every major city. While you’re exploring and touring, you get to meet new people, take in the sights, and get your workout in. Talk about efficiency!
Stay fit by jogging.

2. Youtube:

Youtube has hundreds of thousands of how-to videos in their library, including how-to fitness classes! Whether you’re a yogi, a CrossFitter, or an aerobics aficionado, youtube has a plethora of follow along videos to choose from. You can workout right in the comfort of your own hotel room, hostel, or Airbnb with no expensive gym fee required!

3. Drop in at a CrossFit Class:

CrossFit is a fitness revolutionary that has exploded around the world. With CrossFit’s in almost every continent, you are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from a CrossFit box at almost any travel destination. Not only is CrossFit a calorie-torching way to workout, but it’s a great way to meet locals.
Stay fit by dropping into a CrossFit class.

4. Split Meals:

Fine dining and good food is a major part of vacationing. We go on vacation to get away from the mundane things in life like cooking, but how do you stay lean while dining out? Restaurant portions are notoriously large in size so instead of ordering a full meal to yourself, try splitting it with a friend or loved one. This not only saves your waistline, but it saves your wallet as well. If you don’t want to split the food, cut your order in half and have the waiter wrap the extra food in a to-go box, that way you are not tempted to eat the extra food!

5. Pick a Hotel with a Gym:

We all know that half the battle of the bulge is just getting to the gym. When booking your hotel online, try looking for a hotel that has a gym on its premises. Even if its just a treadmill and some free weights, a little workout is better than nothing.

6. Pack fitness DVD’s:

Whether you’re a fan of intense Tony Horton workouts, drumming DVD’s like POUND fitness, going zen with a yoga DVD, or shaking your tail feather with Sean T, fitness DVD’s are the perfect way to stay in shape while traveling. All you need is a computer or DVD player to play the DVD and it’s like having a personal trainer right in your hotel room. With just a 6x6 space, you’ll be ready to workout without ever leaving the comfort of your room.

7. Pack Equipment:

While you may not be able to fit a medicine ball or kettlebell in your carry-on, there is still plenty of fitness equipment that is lightweight and portable. My personal favorites are therabands and a jump rope. Bands add lightweight resistance to any exercise including air squats, push ups, and overhead presses. With a jump rope, you can use it inside or take it out into the great outdoors for a pumping cardio workout in just a few minutes a day.

8. Pack Snacks:

Airports and restaurants are notorious for hidden calories and unhealthy foods. Come prepared to your vacation by packing healthy snacks. Protein bars like Quest Bars or Jay Robb are perfect, lightweight additions to your luggage and your waistline. Other great snacks that are both compact and delicious are fruit and nuts.

9. Make a Bet:

Accountability is key in fitness and what better way to be held accountable than with some healthy competition?! Make a bet with your travel buddy on vacation. The first one that makes it up a hill the fastest, swims out to the buoy and back, or bikes through the city fastest wins a massage.

10. Adventure Sports:

Adventure sports are the perfect way for you to burn calories while having fun! Whether you’re at the ocean or in the mountains, book an adventurous tour to get your body moving, while you’re enjoying a new location. If you’re in the mountains, go for a mountain bike, hike, or ski. If you’re a water baby, try your hand at wakeboarding, swimming, or kite surfing. The adrenaline rush will make you forget all about the workout you’re getting!

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