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Fall Travel Trends You Won't Want to Miss in 2022

Travel Team | Aug 15, 2022

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Vancouver Canada in the fall.

Traveling in the fall has its advantages. Why is fall the best time to travel? For some, the appeal is in fewer crowds, lower humidity, reservations that are less expensive and easier to get, and unique activities beyond lying on the beach or visiting yet another amusement park. As summer comes to an end and the leaves begin to change, so do our travel priorities. So what are fellow travelers looking for this fall?

These fall travel trends are sure to heat up your off-season travel in 2022.

Best Fall Travel Trends

1. Going solo: Travel on your own terms

Man taking a walk with his dog around the river.

Traveling with a spouse, friend, or family member sometimes means you have to compromise on what you want to do on your trip, so many people are changing up their plans to travel solo. In recent years, solo travel has become more and more popular, especially among millennials, although Baby Boomers are showing increased interest now as well. From 2015 to 2020, Google searches for “solo travel” almost tripled. Travelers are ready to get back out there, and they don’t need anyone to tag along for them to do it.

With improved technology and online travel guides, solo travel is easier than it’s ever been. Join this trend to find yourself in a new place, learn about a new culture, and meet new people on your next solo adventure. And when you venture out in October or November, you’re more likely to find better fall travel deals and skip the crowds that can feel more overwhelming when you’re on your own.

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2. Multigenerational groups: Take the whole family

For every traveler who decides to strike out on their own, just as many are wrangling up the entire family for a multigenerational trip. Online travel referral platform Zicasso reported an increase of more than 50% since 2019 for family bookings of six or more people, while an American Express survey found that 58% of travelers are more interested in multigenerational vacations than ever before.

Family reunion-style trips should continue to be popular as we head into the holiday season. To make it even easier and cost-effective, we can expect many of these families to rent villas or find deals at resorts that cater to the entire group, giving them the opportunity to spend more time together but also enough space to spread out without breaking the bank.

3. Diving deep: Immerse yourself in culture

Road trip aerial view of fall leaves.

It’s no secret that we felt disconnected from “real life” during the pandemic. To counteract that — what some are calling revenge tourism — people will look for deeper, richer cultural experiences when they travel.

This isn’t just about trying the haggis in Scotland or quickly petting a llama in Peru before skipping off to the next stop. This fall, we want to feel like a local, or at least see first-hand what it would be like to live as one. In fact, that survey by American Express reported that 81% of travelers are seeking destinations where they can immerse themselves into the local culture.

The real beauty of this trend is that it can be done anywhere, whether you hit a European hotspot like Paris, go off the beaten path to Laos, or stay closer to home for a microcation one state over. The key is to slow down a bit so you can take the time to really observe your surroundings, let go of any preconceived notions, and, as they say, do as the Romans do.

4. Getting closer: Focus on cities and events

After a year or two of focusing on national parks, outdoor adventures, and booking remote cabins in the mountains where it was easy to practice social distancing, travelers will use this fall to get back to the city. Some of the popular fall travel destinations include places like Las Vegas, Paris, and, if you’re ready to brave an early winter, Toronto.

Event-based travel also will continue its comeback. It might not look exactly the same as it did pre-pandemic — think smaller venues and limited-attendance events — but concerts, festivals, theater showings, and similar gatherings will draw travelers back to metropolitan areas.

5. Being flexible: Bypass fall altogether

Sometimes the best place to visit during the fall is somewhere where it’s spring. Remember, the seasons are opposite in the northern and southern hemispheres, so while you’re leaf peeping in Vermont, someone else is getting a tan in Argentina.

We’ve had to be more flexible and creative in our travel planning in recent years, and that practice will serve us well. It won’t be surprising to see travelers thinking outside the box. Traveling in the fall and shoulder season and still finding a dose of summer sunshine elsewhere is a definite option for travelers this season.

You can also head the other direction and enjoy winter a bit ahead of schedule. Heading to the north for some early-season skiing in an area like Whistler, Canada, or some pumpkin soup in an historic Norwegian café might be right up your alley this year.

6. Spending a lot or a little: Reconsider your budget

Father and son viewing the creek.

How much we’re ready to spend on a vacation might be the most difficult part of the fall travel season to predict. On one hand, we’ve all been cooped up for the last few years and are ready to splurge. Some industry experts have said this will be a time of luxury, when we book that extra excursion, reserve the nicer hotel suite, or consider a family trip on a yacht.

On the other hand, the rising cost of travel (and life in general) has some people feeling the financial pinch. Travel budgets may be more modest, so some will be looking for ways to save a few dollars while still enjoying their trip.

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Protect Your Fall Getaway

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