What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance provides emergency medical benefits and travel assistance services for travel within your home country and internationally.

Seven Corners has two main types of travel insurance: trip protection plans and travel medical insurance plans.


The insurance benefits give you three main types of coverages:  First, there is protection for your unused and nonrefundable trip costs if you need to cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip due to a covered reason. Trip insurance can also protect your medical expenses if you get hurt or sick on your trip. Finally, trip insurance can protect your belongings if they’re lost, stolen, or damaged while traveling.

Trip Insurance is provided by Seven Corners as part of a package of insurance benefits and 24/7 non-insurance travel assistance services in our Seven Corners Trip Protection plans.




A travel medical plan provides a wide variety of medical benefits and emergency services that are important if you become sick or hurt on a trip outside your home country.  A travel medical plan covers medical expenses for an injury or illness that occurs on your trip. You need this protection because your home health insurance may not follow you on travels abroad. Travel medical plans also cover emergency medical evacuations.

Seven Corners offers this coverage through our Seven Corners Travel Medical plans. Our multilingual travel assistance team is available to help you 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance provides several different types of benefits that are especially important for travelers. This can include coverage for:

  • Medical expenses for accidents and illnesses that occur on your trip.
  • Your trip expenses, including the nonrefundable trip payments you made for airfare, a cruise, excursions, hotels, and more.  
  • Your baggage and personal items if they are damaged, stolen, lost, or delayed.
  • Emergency medical evacuation if you become sick or hurt in an area without the medical care you need.

Also, all travel plans come with 24/7 non-insurance travel assistance services from our in-house team, Seven Corners Assist. 

Read our ultimate guide to travel insurance for more.

What type of travel insurance do I need?

There are two main types of travel insurance: trip protection plans and travel medical plans.

Trip protection protects U.S. residents while traveling within the United States and abroad and is important if you don’t want to lose the money you paid for your trip if you must cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip. This can include:

  • Reimbursement for your nonrefundable, prepaid trip costs such as airfare and hotel rooms, if you need to cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip for covered reasons
  • Coverage if you miss a cruise or tour connection
  • Coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage
  • Coverage for emergency medical expenses and emergency medical evacuations

Seven Corners provides this protection in our Seven Corners Trip Protection plans for U.S. residents.

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Travel medical insurance  provides high limits of medical coverage to protect you when you travel outside your home country. You can choose the medical coverage limit and deductible that best meet your needs while also providing the mandatory level of coverage for countries that require health insurance.

Seven Corners has customizable plans for travelers whose destination includes the United States and for those who plan to travel to countries other than the U.S.

Our plans can include acute onset coverage for pre-existing conditions for most travelers (coverage limits and availability are based on the traveler’s age) and emergency medical evacuation coverage if the medical care necessary to treat your illness or injury is not available at your location.

Seven Corners provides this protection in Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurance plans.

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Does my health insurance follow me when I travel?

Not always, and if it does, it may only cover emergency expenses. Also, it’s unlikely it will cover an emergency medical evacuation or repatriation if you get sick or hurt in an area without appropriate health care for you. 

Learn more about medical insurance for international travel.

Is there travel insurance for visitors traveling to the United States?

Yes! Visit the Seven Corners Travel Medical plan for trips including the USA page and obtain a quote to choose the level of protection that is best for you

How do I choose a travel insurance plan?

You can choose a plan based on several factors including where you live, where you are traveling, and the types of benefits you need.

Answer a few questions in our interactive guide on our  homepage to find the right plan for you.

If you still have questions or don’t want to use the guide, our sales team is happy to help.

Will my credit card provide coverage for me when I travel?

Some credit cards may include limited protection for things like lost luggage or rental car protection. They may even provide a small amount of coverage for trip cancellation, usually only for a limited number of covered reasons. The best way to know is to check with your credit card company.

One big difference between coverage offered by a credit card and protection from a travel insurance provider is emergency medical evacuation. This is included in travel insurance plans, and it’s important protection if you get sick or hurt in an area without appropriate medical care. Credit cards and domestic health insurance don’t usually provide this coverage.

Read more about whether you should rely on a credit card for travel insurance.

How much does travel insurance cost?

For the coverage it provides, most travel insurance plans are economically priced.

Travel medical insurance

Cost varies according to your age, length of trip, deductible, medical maximum, and destination. Travel that includes the United States is typically more expensive than travel that does not.

Trip protection

Pricing varies according to your age and trip expenses.

Answer a few simple questions in our interactive quote tool to find the right plan for you and obtain a price quickly.

What are the most important considerations when you are buying travel insurance?

Does the company offer 24/7 urgent medical travel assistance services?

Seven Corners Assist is a multilingual team specially trained in assisting you with travel issues. More serious travel situations such as emergency medical evacuations are handled by our specialized team that includes our medical director, who is a licensed physician, registered nurses, and licensed clinical social workers.

Does the travel insurance include access to a network in the United States or an international directory of medical providers?

Some Seven Corners travel medical insurance plans have medical provider networks in the United States. We also have a directory of medical providers outside the U.S., which you can find on our website, or in the Seven Corners app.

How long has the company been in business?

Seven Corners has been taking care of travelers all over the world since 1993. Our decades of experience is evidence of our commitment to customers.

Does the plan provide the coverage you need?

We have many different types of plans for all types of travelers. If you're confused about which type of plan to choose, contact our sales team or try using our travel insurance interactive guide.

What documents do I receive when I buy a travel insurance plan?

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll have the option to download the documents below. We will also email them to you, and they can be found in your Seven Corners account.

Plan document: This is the legal contract that explains how your travel insurance works. It includes the benefits, limitations, exclusions, and services for the plan.

ID card: Carry this with you or take a picture of it and store it in your phone or tablet. You can also find a digital copy in the Seven Corners app. Your ID card shows:

  • Your name
  • Your certificate number (we use this to identify you when you call us or send information to us)
  • Travel insurance plan name
  • PPO Network details (if applicable)
  • Contact details for claims team, customer service, and Seven Corners Assist.

Coverage letter: This provides proof of your insurance. Many travelers use it when they apply for a visa.

What does Seven Corners do?

Seven Corners administers your travel insurance. We work with the underwriter — the organization that carries the risk for the insurance — to design and price the plans.

We sell the plans, process your payment and coverage, and we process any claims. Seven Corners also provides 24/7 travel assistance services.

What should I do if I need to make a change to my plan after I bought it?

Most changes can be made through your Seven Corners account. This can include updating your trip dates, address, and even adding coverage like Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR), if it is allowable based on the guidelines stated in your plan document.

If you need additional assistance, contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

What should I do if there is an emergency while I'm traveling?

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, contact the local emergency services immediately and seek appropriate medical care. Do not call us first unless you need our help locating a medical facility.

Before you travel, learn how to contact emergency medical assistance. Not all countries use 911 as the emergency phone number.

For additional types of assistance, please call Seven Corners Assist using the phone number on your travel insurance ID card.  Seven Corners Assist is available 24/7 to provide support for urgent medical travel assistance services.  

What should I do if I need to extend my coverage for a longer time period?

You may be able to extend your coverage period depending on the type of plan you have and how long you have already been covered.

You can extend your plan in your Seven Corners account or by visiting renewal.sevencorners.com. You may also contact our team for help with an extension.

What is Cancel for Any Reason?

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) is an optional benefit you can add to Seven Cornes Trip Protection Basic, Choice, or Elite plans for an additional cost. This benefit is not available in all states. Our quick quote tool will offer the benefit to you if it is available in your state.

CFAR reimburses up to 75% of your prepaid, nonrefundable trip cost if you cancel two or more days before your scheduled departure date for any reason not otherwise covered.

Visit our Trip Protection product pages to learn more about CFAR.

CFAR only applies to trip cancellation, not trip interruption, trip delay, or missed connection. 

What are pre-existing conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions that existed before your travel insurance took effect. Coverage for these types of conditions varies by plan.

Learn more about pre-existing conditions and how they affect your coverage.

Are pre-existing conditions covered by trip protection plans?

Pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage. However, the exclusion is waived for some Seven Corners Trip Protection plans if you meet certain requirements. Learn more about how trip insurance defines a pre-existing condition.

How much trip protection should I buy?

We recommend you identify the amount of nonrefundable, prepaid trip payments and deposits you have made and buy coverage for that amount.

This amount can include expenses such as airfare, cruise bookings, hotels, and vacation rentals. It is often shown on your trip itinerary or invoice, although it may not include separate items such as excursions that you pay for separately. Add these amounts and use this total when asked for Trip Cost when purchasing a trip protection plan.

If you fail to insure any prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses, those uninsured expenses will not be reimbursable if you later need to cancel or interrupt your trip.


Frequent Flyer Miles
Do not include a dollar amount for frequent flyer miles.

For more details, review these guidelines about how to calculate the cost of your trip for travel insurance.

How do trip protection plans protect my trip cost?

Seven Corners Trip Protection plans can reimburse you for your nonrefundable, prepaid trip costs for a list of covered reasons if:

  • You must cancel your trip.
  • You must interrupt your trip.
  • Your trip is delayed.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption coverages each have a list of covered reasons (such as weather, sickness, injury, death, and more) that can allow you to cancel or interrupt your trip. 

Trip delay has a separate list of covered reasons. For all these coverages, benefits are not provided unless one of the covered reasons occurs. 

What type of medical expenses do Seven Corners Trip Protection plans provide?

Seven Corners Trip Protection plans cover accident and sickness medical expenses. This can include:

  1. Medical treatment for an illness or injury that occurs during your trip.
  2. Emergency dental treatment if your natural teeth are injured on your trip.
  3. Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Please visit our trip protection product pages for more details.

What does the trip delay benefit cover?

Per the terms of your plan document, the trip delay benefit can pay up to a specific amount per day for reasonable lodging, meals, and local transportation expenses if you are delayed while en route to or from your trip, or during your trip due to a covered reason.

Please review your plan document for details about the trip delay benefit for the plan you purchased.

What are nonrefundable, prepaid trip costs?

This is any money you paid toward the cost of your trip that will not be refunded to you by your travel supplier (airline, hotel, cruise, etc.) if you must cancel or interrupt your trip. If your trip cost is more than the amount you insured, you will be paid up to the amount you insured.

Example: You need to cancel your entire trip, and the hotel will only refund 75%, or $375, of the $500 deposit you paid. 
If you cancel for a covered reason, our trip protection plans will reimburse you for the nonrefundable portion, in this case, the remaining $125.

Where can I seek medical help?

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, contact the local emergency services immediately. For non-emergencies, you may view medical provider information by plan here or contact our team with questions.

Does travel insurance cover physical activities and/or sporting activities?

Plans are customizable, and you are welcome to add coverage for adventure activities to your travel medical plan. We encourage each customer to speak with a licensed sales agent about which policy best meets your traveling needs.  

What happens if I need to seek medical treatment on the weekend or late at night?

If you have a medical emergency, contact the local emergency services immediately and seek appropriate medical care.

If you need help finding a medical provider or have other questions, Seven Corners Assist provides travel assistance services 24/7.  

What should I do if I can't pay for my medical expenses while receiving treatment?

In many countries, payment upfront in the form of a deposit is required to secure initial treatment. Once evaluated, if additional funds are required, Seven Corners can work with the medical provider to issue a guarantee of payment. Once a guarantee of payment is approved and accepted by the provider, Seven Corners will continue to coordinate with the medical provider on submitting payment once you are discharged.

What is a guarantee of payment?

A guarantee of payment (GOP) is an agreement with a health care professional outside of the U.S. in which payment is guarantee for a covered procedure or care. 

What if the local medical facilities cannot provide the medical treatment I need?

In evaluating the medical care provided by local facilities, Seven Corners considers factors such as the quality of the clinicians, medical technology, and specialties available, along with the patient's medical requirements. If we determine the medical facilities are inadequate, our Assist team may initiate a medical evacuation.

Planning a medical evacuation requires careful consideration of several variables, most importantly, the severity of the patient’s medical condition, quality of care that can be accessed locally, and any medical risks involved in transporting the sick or injured patient. Our Assist team will also request necessary medical documents, passport information and speak with any primary insurance that may cover international travel.

When a decision to evacuate is made and Seven Corners covered benefits are approved, our Assist team manages the evacuation plan, including any needs the patient may have while en route.

What should I do if my loved one has passed away?

In an unfortunate event where a customer dies while traveling, we recommend you contact the Seven Corners team at your earliest convenience so we can help and walk you through the benefits that may apply. 

If I am traveling overseas, do I have to contact Seven Corners first if I need medical care?

In case of a medical emergency, contact the local first responders/emergency services first. As soon as reasonably possible, contact Seven Corners. 

If you are traveling in the United States, let your medical provider know about any pre-certification requirements for your plan.

How expensive are medical costs abroad?

The cost of medical care differs from country to country. Some countries have a national health care plan that can help offset the costs, and others don’t. Before leaving on a trip, make sure you understand what will be covered in your destination country.

What is Travel Assistance?

Specially trained multilingual representatives help travelers with services ranging from needs as simple as helping you find a doctor to arranging a complex medical evacuation. For urgent medical situations, Seven Corners uses nurses and physicians to connect with the local medical team and help coordinate care.

All Seven Corners plans come with 24/7 urgent medical travel assistance services from our in-house team, Seven Corners Assist and non-urgent travel assistance handled by our Customer Service team Mon - Fri, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. ET.