Is Travel Medical Insurance Affordable and Worth the Cost?

  • Clay Coomer
Aug 13, 2015

We could make this the shortest post on our website by answering the above questions in one sentence: Yes. Travel medical insurance is affordable and absolutely worth the cost.

For the sake of argument, let's say you don't understand why you should spend the extra money on your trip. If that's you, keep your eyes peeled and allow us to explain the benefits.

Overview: What's typically covered in a travel med policy?

The answer to this will vary from policy to policy depending on the insurance provider but the basics include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Medical evacuation
  • Pre-existing condition coverage (for U.S. residents)
  • Terrorism medical expenses
  • Political evacuation

International travel poses more risks as opposed to traveling within the country you reside. Some of the coverage options listed above might not apply to the type trip you're taking thus making this policy a bad fit. If that is the case, we suggest trip protection insurance. →Click for more details!←

Does length of coverage increase cost?

Quick answer: Yes. Typically with travel medical insurance policies, the length of coverage will vary between five days up to three years. Although you cannot purchase a three year policy upfront. Maximum length of time covered on the original plan is 364 days but you can renew the policy up to three years.

It's fairly easy to deduce which polices are going to cost the most money. If you require a travel medical policy for up to three years, you're looking at a more expensive plan --- and rightfully so!

On the flip side, if you only need medical coverage for five days, the cost will be significantly less. Of course there are other factors that determine cost. For instance, if you plan on participating in any hazardous activities during your trip, there are usually riders to cover specific types of sports.

Traveler's guide to trip insurance.

What's the difference between travel medical and trip protection insurance?

This is a very common question we receive at Seven Corners. Rather than talk about similarities and differences, here are reasons why you would purchase each plan.

Why you would purchase a trip protection insurance plan:

  • When you and your family vacation somewhere within your country of residence
  • When your vacation has a high risk of being canceled or interrupted
  • When your trip has a flight schedule with multiple layovers

Why you would purchase a travel medical insurance plan:

  • When you travel to a poverty stricken foreign country
  • When you travel internationally to a country known for severe illnesses
  • When you only need medical coverage while traveling overseas
Trip protection insurance is more all encompassing and as a result, will be more expensive compared to a travel medical plan. Some would argue that trip insurance is a "better" policy but, as stated above, it all depends on your traveling needs. These aren't one size fits all plans! Each policy has the ability to be tailored to exactly what you need.

The 'what if' scenarios must be considered when planning trips.

Are travel med plans affordable?

Whether or not the plans (offered by Seven Corners) are affordable is subjective. As previously mentioned, costs can rise based on length of trip, number of individuals covered on the plan and adding additional benefits to the policy. For the sake of transparency, we will share with you our three most popular travel medical insurance plans and the average cost of each:

Liaison International

  • Average Plan Cost → $53.22*

Liaison Majestic

  • Average Plan Cost → $170.06*

Liaison Continent

  • Average Plan Cost → $205.92*
*Please Note: This is an (aggregate) average based on historic purchase data. It's important for customers to understand that the price of a plan can vary greatly depending on age, number of insureds and how long the trip is. Another point of emphasis is deductible amount. The higher your deductible, the lower your plan cost will be.

Is it worth the excess cost to my trip?

We like to refer to our travel med plans as low in cost, high in value. The value of a quality travel medical insurance plan can be measured by one thing: Peace of mind. Investing an additional $50-$200* in your trip is a drop in the bucket compared to the total cost. And with the added cost, you can rest assured that in the event something bad happens, you're covered. So really, it's up to you to determine whether or not it's worth it. How much would you spend for peace of mind? Fortunately, it's not that much.

Learn more and get a quote

Regardless of the type of trip you're taking, it's always a wise decision to take Seven Corners with you during your travels. To learn more about the comprehensive benefits offered by Seven Corners' Liaison (Travel Medical Insurance) Products, simply click below. Once you find the plan that works best for you, click Get A Quote and customize your plan even further!

Travel medical insurance for peace of mind.

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