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Alysan's Travel Medical Story

Travel Team | Mar 23, 2021

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Alysan traveled abroad using a travel medical insurance plan from Seven Corners. This is her story.

Alysan:  I’m a premed student with Biochemistry as my degree. I’m looking to become a doctor. While I was in Ghana, I was working at a hospital. 

Susan (mom):  When Aly told me she wanted to study abroad I was very excited, but Ghana was scary. Well, we’ve traveled extensively. Our family travels a lot and we’ve never had travel insurance, ever, until Alysan did this program.

About a week before she was supposed to come home she had called and said, “Mom, I have a really bad headache. I can’t see very well, I’m disoriented,” and I said, “okay, go back to the doctor.” She said, “No mom, I think there’s something really wrong. I just need to come home.” 

Alysan:  When I was at the hospital, they did a urine sample and a blood sample right away. I did get Malaria, and it was very scary.

Susan (mom):  After Aly called me, we called the airline right away because we were going to try to get her out of there and they told me that because she had Malaria that she could not fly commercial.

Alysan:  I still was feeling very sick though and it just kept progressing. I just wanted to be home.

Susan (mom):  So in the meantime I’m thinking, “how are we going to get her out of there, what are we going to do?” and we remembered that she had gotten travel insurance. We did have a friend who is from South Africa who was very honest with us and said, “by the time you get there, either Aly will be dead or Aly will be getting better. That’s how Malaria works”. So that was eye opening, a little bit.

Seven Corners obtained the treatment Alysan needed at the hospital in Ghana, and when she was well enough to fly, arranged safe transportation home for her.

Alysan:  When I got to the airport they automatically had a wheelchair there for me, from there I went to Amsterdam, and then I flew from Amsterdam right to Minnesota.
Susan (mom): I think Seven Corners made the difference between Aly coming home and Aly not coming home, and I think that travel insurance — I don’t think we’ll ever travel without it again.

Alysan:  I don’t know what I would have done without Seven Corners insurance. They got me home safe and they got me to be with my family again.

Alysan recovered from her illness and is back at college happily pursuing her degree.


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