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Escape in Style: Best Destinations for Glamping Getaways

Becky Hart | Apr 10, 2024

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While some individuals may be rugged adventurers, perfectly content to pitch a tent or throw down a sleeping bag in the dirt, some of us prefer to enjoy Mother Nature without sacrificing comfort, cleanliness, or luxury. Fortunately, that’s why there’s glamping.

Consider this your guide to how to glamp in style, complete with some of our favorite destinations for luxury camping.

What Is Glamping?

The desire to escape the stress of daily life and retreat to nature — but without roughing it — sparked the global wilderness travel trend we now know as glamping, or glamorous camping. Glamping companies seek to strike a balance for their guests between outdoor adventure and five-star service. You'll find luxurious accommodations paired with activities ranging from the sporty (hiking, horseback riding, canoeing) to downright relaxing (spas, soaking pools, fireside dining).

Accommodations vary from yurts, safari tents, and Airstream trailers to huts, lakeside villas, caves, and treehouses. It’s up to you to build your own level of adventure and luxury.

While service offerings vary by destination, most glampers can assume they won’t need to pack a sleeping bag, start a fire, or pitch a tent.

How to Glamp

There are two main ways to glamp. One is to make your own tent site more glamorous with things like string lights, cozy bedding, and furniture.

The other is to let someone else take the lead and do the bulk of the work. That’s where the resorts and ecolodges below come into play. You'll pay a little more for that experience, but an experience it will be. These companies provide all those luxurious finishes, meals, and comforts without you needing to haul it out into the woods on your own.

What to Bring Glamping

When you choose a resort or lodge, you don’t need to bring much out of the ordinary for your glamping getaway. Your packing list should include activity-appropriate clothing, just like it would for any other vacation.

Remember that many glamping companies also specialize in excursions like safaris or hiking. Make sure you have the clothes and shoes that let you participate safely and comfortably.

Unlike camping, you don’t need to bring a sleeping bag or other gear for your site. You’ll likely have modern power and plumbing in your room (or bubble/treehouse/cave), but some accommodations might still be a bit more rustic than a run-of-the-mill hotel.

Talk to the host if you have specific needs or questions about disability accessibility.

Best Places for Glamping

1. Glamping in Texas

If a desert yurt is calling your name, you want The Local Chapter neighboring Big Bend National Park. The first two questions we got about this one were: are there indoor bathrooms and does it get hot? These yurts do have private, indoor bathrooms as well as heating and cooling, ensuring your comfort.

The stark terrain of the desert contrasts with the luxurious finishes in your private abode. Take it all in during a hike or an excursion to a nearby ghost town. The Local Chapter will also lead you to a hot springs spa across the border in Mexico if you bring your passport.

If you’d rather spend more time in one spot, your yurt comes equipped with a personal telescope for stargazing, minifridge and microwave, and a private outdoor fire ring.

2. Glamping in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is habitually named one of the most sustainable travel destinations in the world. It shouldn’t surprise us that it would also have a favorite glamping site, too: Finca Bellavista.

For those who want to be “green” and do a bit of luxury camping, Finca Bellavista is a treehouse community. It offers its visitors lush green backdrops, fresh air, and completely carbon-neutral electricity derived from solar power.

To say this resort is off the beaten path would be an understatement. In fact, you’ll need 4-wheel drive transportation on the final three kilometers before the resort just to reach it. Trade in your rolling suitcase for a backpack to experience this glampsite’s zip-lining, birdwatching, hiking (day and night), garden tours with cooking classes, and more.

3. Glamping in Botswana

Safaris and luxury camping combine at Okuti Camp. Located on the Moremi Game Reserve, you’ll find some of Africa’s most famous animals, including cheetahs and leopards, buffalo and crocodiles.

Bird-lovers will find Okuti a paradise with all of the viewing opportunities. You can also rent motorboats to travel up and down the Maunachira River through the Xakanaxa Lagoon where you may spot storks and herons during breeding season.

Rounded safari tents are perched on teak decks with breathtaking views and come with hot and cold running water, indoor and outdoor showers, and ensuite bathrooms with toilets.

4. Glamping in Canada

Perched upon the Kingston Peninsula in New Brunswick, overlooking 185 acres of wild forest vistas, lies Ridgeback Lodge. The property includes rustic cabins as well as more luxurious domes. It’s the domes that will give you a full glamping experience.

Domes at Ridgeback feature actual beds, a kitchenette equipped with cooking utensils, a luxurious bathroom with a full-size shower, a romantic wood-burning Japanese tub under the stars, and large bay windows that will bring nature’s beauty to the foot of your bed.
Weather you’re a couple looking for romance, a family looking for adventure, or a nature-lover looking for relaxation, these serene accommodations offer an affordable eco-experience for all. Choose from hiking, pond swimming, nightly bonfires, canoe rentals, or even wine tasting at a nearby winery.

5. Glamping in Italy

Glamping tents are not part of the deal with this last one. The Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita, located near the heal of the Italian boot, delivers a new kind of luxury with caves.

These aren’t some dank, dingy caves, though. The rustic hotel’s rooms are fully renovated with state-of-the-art bathrooms and finishes, not to mention lavish furnishings. Take in the fresh air and picturesque views, or retreat into the romantic serenity of a private cave.

This is the perfect destination for art and history buffs alike. The ancient town, Sassi di Matera, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thought to be one of the first human settlements in Italy, and most of their dwellings were built into the volcanic rock.

As part of roaming the city, you can visit preserved cathedrals and churches, monasteries, museums, and palaces. After a long day of sightseeing and tour-trekking, indulge in relaxation and pampering at one of the city’s two spas.

Travel Insurance for Glamping

The cost of glamping can range from backpacker-budget friendly to bucket list extravagance. No matter what you invest in this adventure, be sure to protect it with travel insurance. When the unexpected happens, you want to be able to recover any prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses. Travel insurance can do that.

If your glamping adventure takes you out of the country, you’ll also want travel medical insurance. Your domestic health insurance typically does not follow you overseas, but travel medical coverage can fill that gap. If you get sick or hurt during your trip, this coverage pays medical bills that you might otherwise get stuck with yourself.

Find the right travel insurance plan for your glamping getaway by visiting SevenCorners.com. If you have questions, our licensed agents are ready to help.

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