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Love Travel? Explore these Top Romantic Getaways

Travel Team | Jan 30, 2024

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What’s better than quality time with someone you love (or at least really, really like)? Quality time with them on vacation!

The bigger question, though: What is the top destination for a romantic getaway? From exotic cities to tropical retreats, active adventures to quiet relaxation, there’s someplace out there that’s perfect for the two of you. You just have to find it.

But don’t kill the romance by stressing about where to go. Seven Corners can help you plan your romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, your wedding day, or any day with these ideas.

How to Plan a Romantic Getaway

There’s some hot debate about what makes a getaway romantic. Is it the destination? The hotel? The activities?

Like real estate, romance could be all about location, location, location. For some, a tropical oasis is romantic because of the soothing ocean and soft sandy beaches. It doesn’t matter if they’re staying in a five-star hotel or a tent.

For other travelers, luxurious accommodations are what put them in the mood. The hotel could be in their own backyard, but it’s still romantic as long as they get a couple’s spa treatment fit for royalty.

A different approach altogether could be what you do with that special someone. Do you want to lounge around together, not thinking about the kids, finances, or emails? What about a hike and finding hidden natural wonders? Or are you and your sweetheart more excited by the idea of fine dining and a show?

You have some important, and fun, decisions to make. Once you know what you both want out of your getaway, prepare to fall in love with one of these locales.

Best Destinations for Couples

Beach of Maui

1. Hawaii

Hawaii makes our list in part because it has a little bit of something for everyone. From romantic sunrises 10,000 feet above sea level at Mt. Haelkala’s summit to enjoying couples' massages and pampering at one of the island's many beautiful resorts, there’s no shortage of romantic experiences to enjoy in serene Maui, Hawaii.

Maui makes a perfect dream vacation for you and your partner, with beautiful beaches, hidden waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes. For the more adventurous types, you can tour the island on horseback, by helicopter, or even sail through some of Maui’s most majestic forests on a zipline.

When you want to branch out from Maui, head for Kauai. The flight will take you less than an hour.

As the island chain's most undeveloped island, Kauai is perfect for couples looking for a little privacy to enjoy each other's company in nature, from gorgeous natural beaches to stunning waterfalls surrounded by thick mountain greenery. Plus, if you live in the western United States, it's only one short plane ride away from the mainland.

2. New York City, New York

Seven Corners writer Melanie Danko wouldn’t let us make a list without including New York City.

“As a former resident of Manhattan, I’ve been exposed to all the romantic (and not so romantic) parts of the city,” she said. “However, if you’re an urbanite at heart, and enjoy the bustle of a big city, there is no better hub than the Big Apple for romantic restaurants, gorgeous venues, and sights to see.”

Book a room at one of the many famous hotels such as the Plaza or Waldorf-Astoria to kick off your romantic stay. Stroll through Central Park, visit the top of the Empire State Building, attend a ballet at Lincoln Center, explore the High Line, and have breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“Yes, it sounds a little bit cliché, and your New Yorker friends will certainly lovingly tease you for the touristy choices,” said Melanie, “but don't let that keep you from enjoying the fairy tale parts of New York.”

3. Saratoga, Wyoming

If NYC is where you go to be seen with your loved one, Saratoga, Wyoming, is where you go when you want to disappear for a few days. With a population of less than 2,000, there isn’t a lot of competition for an open spot at the city’s natural hot springs. You might need them, too, if you decide to take advantage of the area’s hundreds of miles of hiking trails.

When the two of you are ready to refuel, head to town for dinner at one of its unique local restaurants. They might not have any Michelin stars, but if you’re looking to break out of your rut, you’re in luck. An off-the-beaten track Western town might be exactly what you need to rekindle the romance.

4. Mackinac Island, Michigan

One of the most romantic ways people show their appreciation for each other today is by taking a step back from their busy modern lives to be together. On Mackinac (pronounced MA-kuh-naw) Island, travelers can experience this slow-paced living without being interrupted.

There are no cars allowed on the island and many of the buildings are colonial or Victorian styles. The island is such a popular romantic destination that it houses more than 60 wedding vendors.

You can spend your time on the island enjoying the water, eating the famous local fudge, or riding around town in a horse-drawn buggy. It's a perfect place to get away.

5. Rovinj, Croatia

One local tourism site calls Rovinj "the city of romance and art," so don’t be surprised if this picturesque Croatian city puts you in a loving mood. Rovinj (pronounced ro-VEEN) has a long history, both Roman and Croatian, so its churches, colorful buildings, historic streets, and local markets make it perfect for a thoughtful and romantic getaway.

While in Rovinj, you can enjoy numerous cultural and scenic attractions. The seaside town boasts gorgeous sand beaches, thriving nightlife, and breathtaking tourist spots like the church of St. Euphemia, which is a historic cathedral and popular wedding destination that stands tall at the city's center.


6. France

Ah, Paris, je t’aime! Paris is affectionately known as the City of Love for a multitude of reasons. Many couples honeymoon in the French capital, partly because of the city's reputation for sparking romance and partly to hear the language of love spoken at the source. Of course, dreamy strolls along the Seine and tight embraces by the Eiffel Tower are two must-do's in France.

Want to experience authentic culture? Try taking an artful trek through the Louvre. Activity seekers might want to try a French cooking class, while couples looking to relax might leave it to the professionals and simply enjoy the country’s famed cuisine at some of the most famous restaurants in the world.

If you’re willing to venture just outside the city, the beautiful Palace of Versailles, where you can wander through the gardens and soak up the luxurious lifestyles of French royalty, is just a train ride away.

The Loire Valley should also be on any romantic traveler’s bucket list. Just two hours away from Paris, this area is known for its quaint villages, historic castles, and top-notch wine and food.

The many chateaus in the area provide travelers with the best wine in the countryside and the scenic vineyards are perfect for photos and a relaxing stroll. One of the local chateaus, Chateau d'Ussé, is even said to be the inspiration for "Sleeping Beauty." It doesn't get more romantic than that.

7. Venice, Italy

This unique and intoxicating city in  Italy  is known for its romance — it gave us Casanova, after all — but have some foresight and plan ahead, particularly during tourist season! The effort is well worth it. Venice is a beautiful place to capture both romantic photos and memories that will last a lifetime.

Take a famed gondola ride and be serenaded as you stroll through the city’s beautiful canal promenades. Catch the view from its many scenic bridges, like the Ponte di Rialto, too. While Venice is bustling and bumping with crowds during the day, which can feel a bit claustrophobic for some, the city transforms into a soothing and relaxing site after nightfall.

8. Riviera Maya, Mexico

Seeking a destination where luxury, privacy, and peace are the cornerstones of the experience? Look no further than the calm, crystal-clear waters in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Known for its beautiful resorts, you and your partner can find exactly what you need to relax in Riviera Maya. Enjoy being pampered at one of the region’s many adults-only resorts like Catalonia Royal Tulum and bask in the beautiful views across the Caribbean. Even the activities, like a sunset dinner cruise on a catamaran, are relaxing.

Those resorts are a big reason why the Riviera Maya is almost always picked as one of the best places for a destination wedding — and why it’s one of the most affordable places to get hitched abroad

Bora Bora-Bora

9. Bora-Bora

Full of romantic resorts and getaways, the French Polynesian island of Bora-Bora is an exotic yet quiet, natural setting to escape with your sweetheart. Many hotels are built right on the bright and beautiful turquoise waters, so you feel as though you are right in the middle of the ocean.

Bora-Bora is a place to relax, and part of the experience is mellowing out and soaking up the restorative and serene environment in paradise. Be sure to turn your gaze upwards in the evening; you’ll never see stars quite the same way as you can here.

10. Singapore

The best getaway for couples is one that includes things you both want. If you love the city and they prefer to be in nature, head to Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay is in the heart of it all. You’ll see stunning architecture and a surprising variety of plants at the Flower Dome, Cloud Mountain, and Supertree Grove. Visit the beach at Sentosa Island, one of the country’s many museums, or take a boat tour.

If the way to your sweetie’s heart is through their stomach, Singapore could be the one. Singapore’s food scene has been influenced by cultures from around the world, so we’re betting your food-loving partner will love a culinary tour of this romantic destination.

11. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a popular wedding destination for both Japanese and international travelers. As the cultural and historical center of Japan, Kyoto encapsulates, all in one place, a lot of what makes Japan beautiful.

The city is full of temples, shrines, and traditional Japanese gardens, all of which are gorgeous and romantic places to visit even if you're not getting married there. And the hospitality industry in Kyoto provides a memorable experience for anyone — from geisha entertainment to small, traditional ryokan inns.

Kyoto is surrounded by natural beauty, so many travelers decide to visit during the spring cherry blossom season or to see foliage in the fall to experience the colors of the region. However, Kyoto offers amazing culture and scenery any time of the year.

Travel Insurance for Couples

Whether your search is for the best romantic getaway in the U.S. or you’re looking for the best places to go for Valentine’s Day abroad, make sure you have everything you need to travel safely and wisely.

Seven Corners offers travel insurance for any kind of trip. Use our interactive guide online to find the best coverage for you and your special someone. Need some help? Contact our licensed agents.

About the Authors

Contributors to our list of best places for a romantic getaway include Melanie Danko and Kacey Mya Bradley, a lifestyle blogger and freelance writer who has contributed to sites like U.S. News, Jet Fete by Bridal Bar, and Ruffled. The article was edited by Becky Hart.

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