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How Trip Insurance Could Save Your Life

Julia Peterson | Dec 21, 2020

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How Trip Insurance Could Save Your Life

When planning a trip, you plan for lots of sightseeing, and restaurants to try, and ways to get there. But there’s a lot of unexpected stuff that you can’t plan for. Our Assist team has helped hundreds of members with the unexpected. And the truth is that travel insurance really could save your life.

The Assist team successfully completed around 300 cases in 2016 (2017 numbers are still growing)! Implemented in 1993, the Assist team handles things like Emergency Medical Evacuations, Return of Mortal Remains, Guarantees of Payment, and more:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation: a member needs to be transported to a different hospital for sufficient treatment, or a member needs brought back to his or her home country for continued treatment and recovery
  • Guarantee of Payment: a member cannot receive sufficient treatment without a guarantee from us that we will pay for this treatment
  • Return of Mortal Remains: we return a member’s body to their home country so that the family may continue with burial/crematory traditions at home
  • Return of Vehicle: FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) members require our assistance from time to time in getting their RVs back home after a medical evacuation

To give a visual, we’ve created a map on our website that shows some examples of cases we’ve handled across the globe. Our team has saved lives by carefully acknowledging every email and phone call that comes in in an emergency, so that each member receives the immediate assistance they need. These cases include members in places like:

Shanghai – This member had a 70% blockage of his arteries. We issued a Guarantee of Payment for a surgery the member needed to place four stents in his heart.

Indonesia – This member fractured his tibia and fibula during a recreational game of soccer. He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery, and we arranged to have him brought back home to continue his recovery.

France – This member suffered eight cardiac arrests and was admitted to the hospital to have a pacemaker placed. We arranged for a medical escort team to fly to France and escort the member back once released from the hospital.

India – This member had passed away due to a sudden heart attack. We assisted with repatriating the insured to his home country to be laid to rest.

Belize – A group of 11 members ate at a restaurant, and all 11 became sick and needed to be rushed to the hospital. We provided a Guarantee of Payment for each of the 11 members, and they were released after a two-day hospital stay.

Thailand – This member suffered a freak accident while swimming and punctured a lung. We arranged to have a family member flown to Thailand to be with him. We provided day-to-day monitoring of the insured while he was inpatient in the hospital. It took nearly 10 days to finally clear the member to fly, and we arranged for two escorts (a nurse and a doctor) to travel back with him via commercial airline.

You can already see the vast impact of our team in these few cases, and we are ready and able to help you on your trip in the worst of situations. And that’s how trip insurance could save your life!

About the Author

Julia Peterson

Julia Peterson joined the Seven Corners Customer Service team in February 2016. She is known as a writer and photographer, an extrovert, and master of the Rubik’s cube. She works from home in Virginia where she lives with her husband and her orange and white kitten, Nutmeg.

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