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Tips, Ideas and Travel Insurance for a Destination Wedding

Dec 21, 2020

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Caribbean destination resort with white sandy beaches and beautiful ocean views.

Destination Weddings: Are You Insured for Your Big Day Away?     

When considering wedding options, a destination wedding might sound nice, but daunting. You wonder, “Is it too expensive? Will friends and family want to attend? What about hurricane season?” In reality, destination weddings are one of the most affordable and intimate ways to share in wedded bliss with your friends and family. Many venues have package deals that eliminate the nickel and diming of more traditional events, and by having your loved ones join you, you’re creating a large-scale vacation that will provide fond memories for all involved.

Best of all? Destination weddings are a great twofer — wedding plus honeymoon!

Even though we’re talking dream destinations, this is still real life. Plans can change. Acquiring travel insurance might not be the first, second, or tenth thing you consider in your planning process, but it’s a step that shouldn’t be missed (depending on where you’re traveling, it may also be a requirement). Keeping your group safe allows you to focus on what really matters.

But what else should you consider when planning a destination wedding?

Location, location, location.

Man and woman marry at a remote destination.

From the Caribbean (Antigua is a major destination right now) to Mexico (plenty of options along the Riviera Maya) or postcard-perfect Hawaii, there are dozens of popular spots to choose from. Europe and Asia are also high on many wish lists, with  romantic, exotic backdrops at every turn.

If you’d rather stick closer to home but keep the beach theme, we’ve got two coasts, one gulf, and five Great Lakes all with miles of coastline to choose from.

Wherever you go, make sure to research high-volume times of year and weather patterns. Rain on your wedding day might be good luck, but a monsoon? Not so much.

Tips and tricks.

Choose a location far in advance. This gives you the opportunity to visit beforehand and allows your guests plenty of time to plan and save. Also, embrace your location! Lean into tropical themes or winter tablescapes constructed from local flora — it saves money and makes your wedding uniquely yours.

Dress accordingly. If your wedding is in a humid climate, choose breathable fabrics. Your comfort is paramount. If you’re a bride, don’t check your wedding dress if you fly. Carry it on to ensure safe and wrinkle-free arrival.

Make lists. Staying organized should remain a priority throughout the wedding planning process, especially when traveling. Destination Wedding Details has a great, comprehensive checklist ranging from the most important things like passports and wedding rings to things you might not consider like vendor paperwork and safety pins.

We’ve got you covered.

As we mentioned earlier, things happen. There may be an illness, accident, or natural disaster — most are unlikely, but anything is possible. By purchasing an affordable group travel plan, you’re taking important and helpful steps to manage the unexpected. 

Through Seven Corner’s Roundtrip® Elite Group trip protection, you can provide a plan for groups of five or more that will cover non-refundable prepaid trip costs, unexpected medical expenses, and lost or stolen belongings.

To get a fast, free quote, visit our online portal. Or, to speak with a Seven Corners representative about which coverage you and your traveling companions will need, contact us at sales@sevencorners.comor by calling 317-575-2652.

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