Welcome Peace Corps Members!

Effective May 1, 2017, the health benefit program for Peace Corps volunteers is now administered by International Medical Group IMG). For all questions relating to the Peace Corps Health Plan, including benefits, eligibility, claim submission, claim status, prescription coverage, and medical provider network, please contact IMG at 855-731-9443, or visit peacecorps.imglobal.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Included in the Peace Corps Welcome Kit are authorizations for medical and dental examinations and an authorization for a vision exam if required. You may have these evaluations done by a physician / dentist of your choice or you may elect to go to a federal medical facility. In an effort to help defray the cost of these exams, Peace Corps has determined a maximum reimbursement for each type of exam and while you may go to any of these facilities for your examination, you will be responsible to any portion of the bill that is in excess of the amount allowed on the Peace Corps fee schedule. If you also received additional authorizations for services on a PC-127C form (i.e., if you are going to China or Crisis Corps), your reimbursement will be based upon the payment instructions on the form.


During your Peace Corps service you may require health care services while visiting the United States. If you are in need of medical or dental care your PCMO will give you an authorization form and a health benefit identification card to be presented to your health care provider at the time of service. Peace Corps has contracted with the First Health Medical Provider Network and the Humana Dental Network as the in-network preferred provider organization (PPO) to secure cost savings and expanded access to care throughout the United States. You may search for an in-network medical or dental in-network provider online here.

Returned Volunteers

After your Peace Corps service, Peace Corps authorizes payment for medical and dental evaluations of conditions that may have arisen in connection with your overseas service. You will need to present your identification card and the appropriate authorization form (PC-127C or PC209B form — completed by your PCMO) to your medical or dental provider at the time of service You may search for a Humana ChoiceCare medical or dental in-network provider online here.

Should you require treatment for a Peace Corps service-related health condition, Office of Medical Service’s post-service health unit will assist you in making a claim for benefits under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act. To cover medical expenses for conditions that are not service related, you are eligible to purchase an affordable, health insurance plan called AfterCorps.

Grievance & Appeals

For details on grievance and appeals click here.