Does My Group Qualify for Travel Insurance?

If your group has at least 5 or more travelers who are not family members, then your group qualifies for one of the many group insurance plans Seven Corners offers!

Types of Groups

Why Do Group Members Need Travel Insurance?

Medical — What if a member becomes sick or hurt? Don’t assume their health insurance will cover them while traveling, whether they are simply out of network or traveling abroad. In some cases, group members may be traveling in areas without adequate medical care. Who will arrange an emergency evacuation and who will pay for it?

Safety — How will you deal with terror threats or natural disasters? These events and many more can affect your group’s safety and health.

Financial — Any of the above scenarios can be expensive and could impact a member’s wallet. In addition, trip costs can be large. We offer options to protect prepaid trip costs if a member must cancel their trip.

Group Sponsors and Duty of Care

Any organization involved in group travel has a duty of care to provide reasonable protection for members from common and not-so-common travel and medical issues which can occur. If you use a group travel plan, you’ve taken an important and necessary step to protect your members.

Travel Assistance

Our group travel plans include the services of our 24/7 travel team, Seven Corners Assist. They’re available to help you if a travel issues arises, no matter how small or big.

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What type of plan do you need?

Liaison Express
Single Trip
Custom Fast Track
Multiple Trips and Members
Privatized Health Plan
RoundTrip Elite
Single Trip
Coverage Type Medical Coverage Medical Coverage Expatriates Prepaid trip expenses, baggage, medical expenses
Coverage Territory Outside Home Country Outside Home Country Outside Home Country In or Outside USA
Period of Coverage Up to 364 days Up to 364 days Up to 364 days Up to 30 Days
Annually Renewable Group Policy
Cost of Coverage As low as $1.40/person per day Varies with rate method selected  Varies with age & location Varies with age & cost
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Coverage, Benefits and Services
Trip Interruption $5,000 150%
Trip Cancellation (Refund of lost travel cost) 100%
24 Hour, Multilingual Travel Assistance  
Accident/Sickness Medical Coverage
Covered Pre-existing Medical Conditions
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Return of Remains in Event of Death
Political Evacuation
Natural Disaster Evacuation
War Risk *
Terrorism Coverage
Lost/Delayed Baggage
Premiums Determined by Age of Insured
Coverage in USA for US Residents $5,000 Medical Only Limited to 180 days
Coverage for Foreign Nationals In the USA Limited to 180 days
Coverage for Foreign Nationals Outside Home Country but not traveling from the USA
Maternity Coverage No, except for student plans
Optional Hazardous Sports
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*Expat group coverage will be underwritten, with consideration for custom benefits.


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