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Why the Best Travel Insurance Plan Is Always Worth It

Becky Hart | May 3, 2023

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Travel insurance is kind of a dull topic. (You weren’t expecting us to admit to that, were you?) We do our best to spice it up with inspiring stories and dramatic testimonials from real customers. But we know that if you’ve never been there, if you’ve never experienced a nightmare on the road, travel insurance can feel a bit like a waste of money.

It’s hard to ignore the news, though. Travel mishaps happen all the time. Flights are cancelled, people get sick, luggage is damaged or delayed. These unexpected events can be more than minor inconveniences; they can also be hard on your budget.

Travel insurance can help. We’ll try to keep it interesting as we explain how.

Is Insurance Worth It?

Most people can relate to the feeling that insurance (of any type) costs money, and yet you’re left asking what you get for that money. It’s not a gorgeous piece of art you can admire and show off to guests, and you can’t snuggle with it on a rainy night. The value of an insurance plan, if you’re lucky, is rarely experienced.

To help make this point, here’s how one Seven Corners team member broke down his monthly insurance expenses:

  • Health care (premium only): $251.33 (includes dependents but not spouse)
  • Auto insurance (premium only): $135 (includes two automobiles)
  • Homeowners insurance (premium only): $102
  • PMI (mortgage insurance): $155

That comes to $643.33 each month just in insurance premiums.

“It stings a little to look at this and understand what I’m spending on insurance,” he said. “But you know what? It’s worth every penny to me because that $643 protects me.”

What it really boils down to is cost versus benefit. By paying a relatively small amount in insurance premium, he’s saving himself from a potentially much higher pitfall — one that he might not be able to afford — in an emergency.

“It gives me legitimate peace of mind knowing that if something happens to me, my kids, my wife, my car, or my house, I have coverage and won’t go bankrupt paying massive bills,” he said.

This homeowner and father of two isn’t the only one who sees the value of insurance in general and trip protection in particular. Read more about why — and how — these travelers bought travel insurance.

The Best Travel Insurance You Might Never Have Heard Of

There are different types of travel insurance, with trip protection and travel medical insurance being the two main ones. The advantages of international health insurance became much more obvious during the COVID pandemic. It was hard not to see how quickly our trips could get derailed if we got sick while traveling.

What many people are still discovering, though, is just how important trip protection is. Trip cancellation benefits are included in these plans, but so is trip interruption, trip delay, baggage protection, even some medical benefits. And with Seven Corners, you also get 24/7 travel assistance services.

It’s tough to beat this robust coverage, especially if you add optional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) or Interruption for Any Reason (IFAR) benefits.

Who can buy trip protection?

Seven Corners Trip Protection plans are designed for U.S. residents traveling either within the United States or internationally. They include trip protection benefits like trip cancellation, trip delay, and baggage coverage as well as some travel medical benefits. It’s also possible to add benefits like Event Ticket Registration Fee and Golf & Sports Equipment Rental protection.

If you’re a U.S. resident traveling within the United States, you should also check out Get Away USA. Because it’s for U.S. travelers on domestic trips only, you can customize it in a number of ways. Don’t need medical coverage because your regular health care plan is enough? Then you can pass on those benefits. Are you taking a road trip so flight-related benefits are unnecessary? Then don’t pay for those either. This plan can be customized to what you need.

Stay Focused on What Matters.

There’s a lot to get distracted by when you plan your trip. Websites like Travel + Leisure, AFAR, and Lonely Planet; influencers on social media; even our own blog all boast the best places to vacation. We serve up travel tips and hacks for smoother, stress-free travel experiences.

You know what the other guys miss, though? Real-life advice from real travelers about how to travel smarter and more safely. They don’t talk about trip protection because where’s the fun in that? Travel is meant to be full of hope and optimism, not worry and fear.

If you let yourself get distracted by the glitter and sunshine of travel, you could miss out on an important opportunity. And that’s the opportunity to enjoy your trip even more by traveling with confidence and peace of mind. Travel with the knowledge that if something happens, your trip protection can help you recover.

Seven Corners wants to bring you hope and optimism in feel-good stories like this one about the best cruises or with advice on where to travel in Europe in the fall. We also want to provide you assurance through travel insurance in that it provides comfort, peace, and relaxation during trips. It can, in a way, allow you to be stress-free.

How to Protect Your Trip with Seven Corners

While we can’t talk enough about the upsides of trip protection, ultimately the best travel insurance is the plan that fits your specific needs. Ask yourself:

  • Can you afford to absorb the cost of your trip if you have to cancel?
  • Is your trip cost negligible because you're traveling to an inexpensive area or someone else is paying for your trip?
  • Would you be better served by choosing travel medical insurance only?

If you take away nothing else from this article, make it this: it’s never a bad idea to spend a little if it protects a lot. Given the benefits of travel insurance, the cost of buying it and not needing it is pretty minor, even if it feels like you spent money on nothing tangible.

If you’re ready to protect more of your trip — and not just with medical coverage — visit SevenCorners.com or contact our licensed agents and ask about trip protection.

Email sales@sevencorners.com

Toll free 1-800-335-0611

Worldwide 317-575-2652

Collect 317-818-2809

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